Sunday 14 October 2012

Digital Fashion Week: OwnMuse - EXCLUSIVE Interview with young Singaporean designers Johanna and Shu Juang

I won’t lie. The glamour and the amazing personalities taking part in Digital Fashion Week (DFW) are worth a lot of excitement and one of the reasons I took part of this awesome event.

But as much as I am excited to rub shoulders with, and interview the likes of Andrej Pejic and Sophie Sumner, I also cannot wait to see some young Singaporean designers finally get some great exposure and show their work alongside top designers like Thomas Wee and Guo Pei for the world to see.

One of the carefully-picked emerging labels taking part of DFW is OwnMuse. The designers behind the label, Johanna and Shu Juang started their journey 2 years ago as part of Parco next NEXT incubator program and since then, their work has been evolving non-stop and they stand out for their understanding of their customer and the need to dress well every day while still feeling comfortable and relaxed. their SS13 collection which will be debuting at DFW is a perfect example of that!

OwnMuse is building a reputation as being the to-go-to label for chic,
understated and comfortable everyday clothes.

This will be OwnMuse’s first show on this scale (plus Sophie Sumner is walking for their show!!!!) and I can’t wait to chat with them LIVE on Google+ Hangout (here) right after their show on 21st October at 9:30pm! So make sure not to miss it!!!

I’m also giving away one pair of VIP tickets to see OwnMuse show LIVE at the venue, go to my facebook page to stand a chance of winning it!!!!

Meanwhile here’s a Q&A with the talented duo Johanna and Shu Juang so you get to know them better!

The lovely duo behind Ownmuse, Johanna and Shu Juang.

Bonjour Singapore: Describe OwnMuse style in one sentence.

Johanna and Shu Juang: OwnMuse all about clean cut, classic styles with a contemporary and edgy twist.

Who do you design for?

We design for women that want to look modern and chic without too much fuss. Women who appreciate designs that are simple, contemporary and comfortable and who love exploring their sense of style.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest collection?

We wanted to create a collection that was a sort of slouchy chic. We wanted tops that were soft and light, yet somewhat structured. Pants that were loosely cut that still looked tailored. We kept our silhouettes simple and clean, playing with the element of colour blocking in different shapes to create subtle illusions such as a tee with a tank top blocked out. It was very much about creating clothes that were strong and graphic while still remaining feminine and soft.

Their clothes feel so light and relaxed...

Guess who'll be wearing this dress at one point during DFW ;-)

Is this your first ever fashion show? On the scale of 1 to 10, how nervous are you?

We have had fashion shows before, however none as independent as this one. We’ve never done one with this many looks and on this level of hype and publicity, so we are slightly nervous, on a scale of 1 – 10, we would place it at 6? The rest goes to excitement (:

How does it feel knowing that you’ll be showing at the same fashion week as one of the most established Singaporean designers (and your mentor?)Thomas Wee?

We honestly feel really honored, and very thankful for the opportunity to show along side all of them, especially Thomas Wee whom we look up to a great deal, and Pauline.Ning, a really good friend of ours. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing all the S/S’13 collections that will be showing.

What are the challenges that you face as emerging local designers?

As local designers, we think we all mainly face the same challenge, which is the lack of fashion resources here in Singapore. We have many ideas, which we would love to carry out and materialize so it’s hard to at times because of that, but the challenge always makes it more fun doesn't it?

Johanna and Shu Juang are also known for making some gorgeous
hand-beaded accessories which are available on their e-store!

Love love this necklace!!!!

OwnMuse's 2nd collection which I also loved and reviewed last year
just after I moved to Singapore. So nice to see them got this far!

Is there any designer in Singapore or Asia whom you look up to?

We look up to Thomas Wee, for his unbelievable patterning skills and timeless pieces, and to Raoul, with their designs gracing the red carpet in Hollywood, and how their brand identity is so strong and recognizable.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In Singapore?

We see ourselves going international by then, with a flagship store and more! (:

Do you think there is enough support for local designers like yourself in Singapore?

The support is definitely growing, with more schemes and projects to help us have a good platform to learn and leap from, but of course, there could always be more! Support in trade, production and resources are what we feel are important.

If you were to give Singaporean women one fashion advice, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to change your look every now and then!