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Blogging Philosophy:

I do not have a price list for blogging about your label. If I like your brand I will highlight it. This blog is not a purely commercial one and I value my editorial independence to write only about things that genuinely interest me. So if you are brand that has been featured on the blog, or if you're a reader, then rest assured that I meant every word I wrote. I put together a little note about this on my Facebook page. You can read about it here.


If you are interested in reaching an almost exclusively Singaporean audience of tens of thousands who are interested in lifestyle, fashion and beauty then you can advertise on my site. I currently have more many thousands of unique visitors per month, with 67% of my audience coming from Singapore and more than 75% from south-east Asia.  

I also have close to 4,000 engaged fans on Facebook and Twitter with 70% of them being female and aged between 18 and 34 and an average social reach of 75,000 people per week. 

You can also sponsor the site or sections on it. But please note I do not write sponsored posts. Contact me at if you want more information.

I also still occasionally do some consultancy work especially styling and advising on Asian and Middle Eastern designers.

So if you're a fan, a fashionista or you want to commission me for some work, you can find me in the following places: