Friday 29 June 2012

The 30 Singapore designers you need to know about: Part 3

Here is it. The third and final part of the 30@30, where to celebrate my 30th birthday I picked the 30 Singapore labels that you should be exploring if you want to go on a discovery mission in the little red dot.

The truth is – and this may surprise some people who don’t follow the fashion scene - I found it hard to compile a list of just 30 because more labels deserve the mention. It’s especially hard as this isn’t a competitive list, there is no particular order and there are far more than 30 talented designers plying their trade in Singapore.

In the end I included those which I think have found their identity and although everyone still has a room to grow, they’ve done so far so good. A lot more labels are doing great job and maybe all they need is a little push to get them there! Maybe in the next list 31@31 ;-)

Anyway, back to the point. Here are the final 10 brands that kick serious ass in Singapore and deserve much more success than they get in their home market. You can read part one of the 30 Singapore designers you need to know about here and the second 10 in the Singapore designers list here.

Use the comments section to let me know what you like in the list, who you think I missed out, and if you were inspired to go local by the talent on offer. 

Love the simplicity of Armoire's Engineered Dress series which come
in many beautiful shades and fits perfectly!

Koonhor: one of the most luxurious of all Singapore new labels, Koonhor is the kind of label I would go to splurge on that specialdress! Timeless yet bold, the clothes here are sophisticated and playful in equal measure. I especially love those digital printed frocks in neon shades…

Ong Shumugan: Cheongsams are so passé these days, so it needs someone to shake the scene up. Enter Priscilla, who has adopted a more freehand and modern approach to a very traditional artform. I particularly love the way she manages to capture that elegance of Cheongsams even in her separates. Her latest collection Prints Charming is to die for!

By Invite Only: this is a contemporary style accessories label which combines Victorian influence and modern aesthetics. The beauty of it is that you can find pretty pieces in all shapes and sizes. From the more dainty to statement pieces, all done using rough cut stones to make them more edgy.

Revasseur: this Parco next NEXT label completes the colourful trio of labels (others arle Mash Up and L’ile Aux Ashby) which are going against the black/grey tide of most Singapore labels. I love theplayfulness and boldness of Gilda’s pieces which despite their OTT nature, are still wearable and aesthetically pleasing.

Armoire: Armoire’s flagship boutique is in Malaysia but since the label was first launched in Singapore, I can still add it to my list ;-). This is a go-to label if you’re looking for something simple and sophisticated that would take you from work to play effortlessly. I still think every girl should have one of her signature engineered dresses as they are flattering and come in amazing shades which makes it hard to pick just one!

Aijek: for a relatively new label, Aijek is one whichis extremely well-made and sophisticated looking. I love their grown up yet flirty style and the high quality material they use like silk and lace… truly beautiful pieces!

Elohim by Sabrina Goh: This easy to wear label has been on the local fashion scene for few years now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon! Elohim’s latest collection combines minimal but experimental pieces which are great to complement any wardrobe.

Yumumu: this label is a standout for me as its style is totally unique. Using contrasting materials, colours and textures, Yumumu makes some stunning casual and wearable pieces which would look at home in a city like London – on one of the 17 days a year when it isn't raining or snowing.

Episene: Another strong label from Parco next NEXT which takes androgynous style and gives it much softer looks. Using mostly white, cream and greys, Episene’s debut collection has got some very interesting play on cuts and silhouettes which combine feminine and masculine elements in a perfect balance.

L’ile Aux Ashby: Last but not least is this accessories labelwhich has recently launched their first clothing collection. The amazing graphic prints of designer Rayson Tan are a trademark of the label and while his use of bright colours is not for everyone, I think they are refreshing! I can’t decide whether I like the accessories or the clothes more… both are equally successful. And watch this space as I’m currently working on an awesome collaboration project with Rayson which I will reveal next week! Meanwhile here’s one photo as a teaser ;-)