Monday 22 October 2012

Digital Fashion Week: Guo Pei show and Day two highlights

Wow. It's been non-stop since we started on Saturday (well Friday if you count rehearsals etc) but what a ride Digital Fashion Week has been.

I don't have time to blog in detail at the moment, but I promise you once this is over you will get a full rundown on what went down, on what Sophie and Andrej are like and on what they loved/hated.

Oh you'll also get to find out exactly what I wore. Suffice to say I have still been flying the flag for Singapore and Asia in the clothes I've been rocking. 

As for my highlights of day two? 

Sophie Sumner and Rana Wehbe-Flinter
Sophie Sumner and me go Asian style as we have some fun backstage at Digital Fashion Week
Well there are too many to mention them all but what amazed me most was the all round quality being displayed by all of the diverse designers on show on day two.

Kudos to the DFW organisers for scheduling such an interesting mix of very strong designers, who each showcase a different style, look or point of view. Probably just edging it was Eugene Lin, whose incredible tailoring and beautiful prints stole the show for me.

But more on my budget Singapore label OwnMuse (who Sophie Sumner LOVES!) knocked everyone out with their simple, beautiful and moderately priced collection. Tze Goh was equally as stunning with his impeccable and beautifully structured designs.

Backstage has been a blast. Friendships are being made, business deals look like they are brewing and maybe a collaboration or two could be in the works. 

If you missed my interviews yesterday - you can catch them all on the DFW 2012 Video on Demand page. Again I promise to blog in more detail yesterday. In the meantime I'll leave you with some very bad iPad pictures :-)

Japanese dance troupe *Asterisk
Japanese dance troupe *Asterisk opened the Eugene Lin show

Sophie Sumner walking for Singapore label OwnMuse
Sophie Sumner walking for Singapore label OwnMuse

Eugene Lin at Digital Fashion Week
Gorgeous, gorgeous Eugene Lin

Andrej Pejic walks for Eugene Lin
Eugene Lin - spot the supermodel...

Sophie Sumner and Andrej Pejic
Sophie and Andrej posing backstage

Rana Wehbe-Flinter and Eugene Lin
Me interviewing a pumped Eugene Lin after his show