Monday, 30 January 2012

Singapore's Carrie K. Jewellery: Pin me up with style!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that simple is easy. On the contrary the simpler some ideas are, the more difficult it is to make them interesting and at the same time… timeless!

The secret? It’s all in the little details. Whether its minimalist décor, iPads or even shoes. It’s a painstaking process making something look so aesthetically pleasing yet effortlessly functional.

Take accessories as an example. How often do you see beautiful, unique yet simple jewelry? Hardly ever right?

The mantra of jewellery has always been more is more. Simplicity rarely enters into the equation unless we are taking about boring mass-produced pieces which are just ‘blah’.
Thankfully, Singapore has the answer in the shape of Accessories label Carrie K.

Who would have thought that something ordinary like the safety pin could be the inspiration
for this beautiful and delicate ring?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Dustbunny Vintage: Handbag Heaven in an HDB

I’ve been to lots and lots of vintage shops. In fact, almost every city I travel to, I make point of visiting the local vintage shops to see what they’ve got in store. A lot of those shops – especially around Notting Hill in London – have truly exceptional stocks but lack one major thing: warmth and a personal touch which is what vintage is all about.

Come to think about it - apart from my Loubies – my most treasured belongings from my antique engagement ring to my mom’s silk kimono, mesh bags and dazzling dresses are vintage; and what I love most about them are the stories they tell (or keep me guessing) which make up most of their value.

Although no one might know the stories behind Dustbunny’s stunning vintage items, I think experiencing the warm welcome from the owner Pia or her assistant will be enough to create memorable backstories of their own when asked the inevitable question “Wow, where did you get that from?”

Who would have though that in an HDB I would find vintage heaven...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

No Issue with spending on this Thai label

Now that the main New Year festivities are over, and people are slowly heading back to work, a young woman's thoughts turn to the important things in life: World peace, when's the next holiday and what can I spend my Ang Pao (red packets) on!

Luckily I'm on hand to give you some guiding on the last one (I'm working on world peace, but at the moment I'm having trouble sourcing enough ice green tea to pacify  all warring nations :-))
Having trawled almost every shop in town before CNY, I doubt there will be anything I haven’t spotted which is worth the contents of my red packets. So online shopping seems like the best idea!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you’d know by now that I’m a sucker for everything colourful, unique and yes OTT sometimes. So finding the Thai label ISSUE was like finding my online shopping heaven!

Here's where my red packet money is going... a beautiful silk ISSUE dress

Friday, 20 January 2012

Weekend Want: Mudan’s exquisite jade necklace

One of the most profound heartfelt moments of the last few years was when I was given a vintage jade necklace by my mother-in-law.

The more I explored Asian culture, the more I realised how precious this gift was, not least because my husband’s mother is Hong Kong Chinese and fully understands the deep traditional and symbolic value of such a gift. Jade in Chinese culture symbolizes beauty, nobility, perfection, constancy, power, and immortality and thus has always the stone of choice since ancient times.

Such a precious gift was made even greater because she was given the necklace by her own mother. I’m not joking when I tell you I sometimes well up thinking about it.

My weekend want for CNY is this gorgeous coral and black jade
Red Flourish necklace from HK-based jeweller Mudan

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Four new looks for Chinese New Year from Soon Lee

If you’re anywhere in Asia, there’s little chance that you don’t know what next week is; yes it’s Chinese New Year, the most important occasion in the region!

Apart from the colours and pageantry, I love it most for one very good reason: Shopping!!! Chinese tradition states that you buy new clothes to wear for the occasion and for the past few weeks, shops have been full of people hunting for their new outfits.

This is one cultural tradition I have no problem integrating with and so I headed down to one of the coolest boutiques on Haji Lane to not only try new outfits but come up with different looks for the lengthy celebrations.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shito shoes: adding colour and character to Singapore’s LBD

Whoever it was that said brown was the new black had obviously never been to Singapore.

Brown isn't the new black here. black is. In fact black was the old black, and will more than likely be pretty much every other future black too.

And in a country where monochrome dresses are a staple of most wardrobes, it becomes more essential for the average person to accessorize well.

For some that means a nice expensive handbag, but for me it means one thing...SHOES!!!

What's better to accessorize an LBD than a pair of bold statement shoes?
This Shito pair is my current favourite!!!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Weekend Want: Max Tan’s geometric genius

I think it is clear by now that I’m not a fan of baggy clothes or monochrome ones. However, I just can’t seem to resist max.tan designs which are all both baggy and monochrome at the same time.

Looking through the latest collection lookbook of one of the most respected Singaporean labels (max.tan was the first Asian-based label to be invited to showcase at Modefabriek in Amsterdam in 2010), I cannot help but swoon over the flawless edgy garments which combine soft geometry and bold cuts to create beautiful shapes and an ethereal feel to every piece.

Although this dress is too floaty, the shoulder and sleeves design
would make it wearable and even flattering!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ERIIN: Bringing Asian fashion to the world?

For those of you, who have been asking about the availability of some of the Singaporean and regional labels, which is launching on the 12th (Thursday) might become your regular online shopping destination.

I was told about this website last month when I met Kate and Maisha, the two young Singaporean ladies behind the site who want to introduce the up-and-coming local and Asia Pacific labels to the rest of the world.

Naturally I loved the idea – in many ways it’s kind of the e-commerce ideological sister of this blog. Well, today when the email announcing the launch this week dropped in my inbox the excitement started kicking especially after reading the list of designers and labels which they will be stocking.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Jason’s Born: Another deconstructed Singapore menswear label

Seriously, I’ve started to get fed up with people from outside of Singapore telling me the place has no creativity.

When you spend any time in the city and have your eyes open it becomes patently obvious there is no shortage of talented labels willing to push the boundaries and experiment with cuts.

Are they getting the support they deserve from local people? Definitely not, but that’s another post for another day.

Well today’s post is yet another attempt to rectify that. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Jason; A menswear label doing things that that no parade of shirtless men could ever manage – creating edge and style.

And it’s not only with cuts that Jason’s getting creative, it’s in the concept too.

Jason... the label I would be wearing if I were a boy ;-)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Singapore Stylings: Working with local womenswear label Noel Caleb

If you’re following my blog, facebook or twitter you would have known by now that I’ve been a busy bee lately!

From modeling for local label ATGAB last week to being a brand ambassador for Noel Caleb this week, life for me nowadays seems to revolve around fashion! And mind you, I’m up for new challenges as well!

While modeling was certainly a lot of fun, in comparison, this role definitely comes more naturally to me. Having been just 2 days at the Noel Caleb pop up space in Tangs, I am truly loving it!

For my debut at Noel Caleb's pop up space as their stylist, I chose
this cute Alexandrova polka dot skirt combo. Loved all the details!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Supermodel Me? Behind the scenes of my modeling debut

As I looked into the lights and heard the instructions from the photographer, I realized quite how surreal this whole thing was.

I’ve never really harboured any dreams of being any kind of model, but here I was, just a few months after arriving in Singapore doing my very first shoot.

When Elaine Pang from ATGAB first asked me if I’d be interested in doing a shoot for their lookbook, I thought she was joking. But here I was, hair teased into place, male model beside me and a whole cast and crew trying to make me look beautiful.

So what did I learn? Well…

Working it for the camera wasn't that easy... but certainly tons of fun!