Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Q&A with Allysa Sing: the director behind MAX TAN’s short fashion film ‘Crane Wife’

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but as much as I am into fashion, I am into film as well! So it’s only natural that when I see a fashion video with a great narrative and superb direction I get as excited just as I would, seeing Yasmin Le Bon closing the Stephane Rolland couture show in a 50kg dress!

And it is not just any fashion film I’m talking about; this is a Singaporean film, conceived and produced by young talented people and showcasing local favourite Max Tan’s Autumn Winter 2012/13 collection from a different perspective.

Along with her creative team, the director of the short fashion film, Allysa Sing based this video on the Japanese folk fable ‘Crane Wife’ which is a chilling story in itself and kinda related to clothing.

The result is a simple narrative with a powerful mood which translates MAX TAN line’s easy yet sensuous philosophy and feel. I also love the score of the film, whose subtlety reminds me of some of the Asian films I’ve seen and admired over the years.

Crane Wife from strangexperiments on Vimeo.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Get the Rooney Mara look from Singapore-based website

And the award for the celebrity who rocked the cutout/black look goes to… by far Rooney Mara!

Regardless who’s going to win this year’s Oscars, Rooney Mara has won the fashion stakes during this award season; mainly because of her constant use of the cutout dresses.

I was never the biggest fan of this trend but she single-handedly changed my opinion. And while it doesn’t sound so ‘chic’ to start with, she owned it with her unique styling, effortlessly making those flesh-baring cutouts look more class than trash.

Now I’m convinced, I’m ready to rock the trend for this spring/summer season… in my own way of course :-)

Teaming this sexy cutout number from Keepsake with my favourite pair of heels (seriously!),
cool accessories from local label Yahn Adam and bright yellow mesh bag might
get me my Rooney Mara moment... Rana-style ;-) 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend want: Singapore label EMBLEM clutch from Asia Fashion Inc

With my current busy schedule, I’ve been finding very little time to physically trawl the streets looking for inspirations and items to fall in love with.

Luckily, there is online shopping! And no I’m not talking about Net-a-porter and ASOS, it is e-commerce sites which stock Singaporean and Asian labels that are keeping me up to date with the hottest brands in the region and in awe for the coolest clothes and accessories!

One of these sites is, which is true to its name and where stocks vary widely in styles and prices, that there is definitely something for everyone!

From experience, I know that the best thing to buy online is handbags. Reason being that sizing is never an issue.

This Singapore label EMBLEM clutch is just gorgeous!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Singapore Trends/SS 2012: Mae Pang does graphic colour blocking

Unlike high street chains and established designer houses, following a trend might not be the first thing on the mind of an up-and-coming label when designing a collection.

The desire to express more of their vision and unique style almost always takes over which, if you ask me, is a much better option than following the herd.

However for a large number of customers, seasonal trends which are set by the high end fashion designers during the international fashions weeks cannot be ignored.

This usually causes a dilemma for shoppers who wish to update their wardrobe: would they buy the mass-produced but ‘trendy’ pieces from the high street, or support the local designers and ignore the season’s trend?

Well because I’m such a nice person, I’ve decided to make it easy for you to do both :-)

Looks from  from BCBG MaxAzria SS2012 collection showing colour
blocking trend in a more graphic form and
 less loud than SS2011. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Introducing Cornelyus Tan: Singapore fashion photographer

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few months it’s been around, then you probably have noticed its revamped new look (yes those photos!)

While I’ve been meaning to put more effort in designing the blog (I’m a graphic designer after all!) the lack of time and good photos stood in the way. And although I’m more about content than look, still a fashion blog has to reflect the blogger’s taste and style. My blog was never meant to be taken too seriously (coz I don’t take myself seriously for that) thus the little me-icon; but it is supposed to be fun, informative and reflective of my love for fashion and everything colourful!

In the past 2 week, I’ve been approached by a couple of media outlets for Q&As (one of them is just out here on Jakarta-based and where I had to supply some photos of myself to go along.  And since the last good professional photoshoot I had was over 2 years ago, it seemed like perfect time to have another one.

Luckily I found someone who gave me just what I wanted and captured my passion for fashion and my character very well… and made me look good on top of that; Cornelyus Tan.

Cornelyus is the guy who finally made me look good in photos :-)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Facebook meets Lookbook at the WED campaign launch

It was a very good night for local and emerging fashion labels yesterday at the W.E.D. (Wear Emerging Designers) campaign launch party. This social media campaign is organized by Blueprint to support local designers and encourage people to wear emerging labels, so that was exactly the kind of event I was hoping for and was more than happy to attend and spread the word about.

It was a great night for me too, as I got snapped by probably every photographer at the event and interviewed for various publications (amongst which is a big media tabloid). However apart from my hair, I have to give the credit for all the attention to my Noel Caleb outfit (yes THAT mullet skirt) which I love so much! It was definitely more colourful than most of the outfits at the event and it stood out for its unique look.

Wearing my favourite Noel Caleb outfit teamed with Papparazi clutch
and the not-so-emerging Zara gladiators (sorry)!

Monday, 13 February 2012

ATGAB update: The fruits of my Singapore modeling debut

It's been a long time coming, but the pictures from my first ever modelling assignment have started to come in.

Some of the longer term readers might remember I was asked by local eco-label All Things Green and Beautiful (ATGAB) to model their wonderful accessories for their 2012 look book.

The shoot was an eye opener as I spent a full day having my hair teased, my make-up applied and re-applied and most difficult of all - pretending I knew what I was doing. Well now the fruits of my labour have finally arrived, and are here for everyone to see on the ATGAB website. Fame at last!

My verdict on the pictures? 

I think I saw something over in the distance. I think it might have been my modeling career disappearing over the horizon :) 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More Singa-phwoar from the Parco next NEXT preview

Here I am again, as promised, introducing you to more hot local designers from Parco next NEXT’s latest incubation programme.

In my previous post I picked the 3 labels which blew me away mainly because they were totally unique and had a very strong presence about them, but also they were something I would personally wear as they’re exactly the sort of style I’d go for and they reflect my fashion sense.

In today’s post, I’d like to highlight 5 more labels – which while not necessarily something I would pick up (unless I start wearing menswear label or embrace androgeny) -  are some of the labels with the greatest chance of making the next step.

I've included menswear a label in this post so read on guys!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Next big thing? The Singapore labels who hit the spot at Parco next NEXT

One of the great things about fashion is that nothing in the industry stands still. There is always something and someone new to discover and potentially fall in love with!

Yesterday was one of those days where I get to do what I love best; meeting new emerging designers and previewing their maiden collections which will only hit Parco next NEXT store in April.

Naturally the mood at these events is super exciting and optimistic and from talking to these talents, I can sense that the fact that they are finally doing what they always wanted to do is satisfying enough for them. Regardless how the business side of it goes, at least they are getting the chance to live the dream.

All the new designers from Parco next NEXT seemed optimistic and eager to
show the crowds what they've got.

Monday, 6 February 2012

GlamRockChic Shoes: From Malaysia with Love in time for Valentines Day

The best thing about Valentine’s Day falling just after Chinese New Year is that if you have already bought a red dress, you can wear it again, and if you haven't then you can grab one on sale now :-)

However, although nice, red dresses are overrated for this occasion and instead of wearing red head to toe for your date next week, there is something more sexy and less ‘in your face’ to wear. And no I’m not talking about red lingerie; it is shoes I’m talking about!

As a shoeholic, I 100% believe that a great pair of shoes makes an outfit shine especially if you’re talking about statement shoes, my absolute favourites!

Let this Heart & Soul shootie from Malaysian label GlamRockChic will
do all the talking this Valentine's Day!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Weekend Want: five picks from to complement my wardrobe!

My weekend want for this Friday is not just one thing but five, all of which are from the new Singapore-based e-retailer

If you follow my blog then you probably know about the website which aims to introduce Singaporean and other Asian labels to the world by making them available to order overseas. And although I would have liked to see more colour and more variety, I think as a start up they’re doing well by keeping it simple – and not selling bottoms.

Imagine you ordering an emerald green dress and it turns out that the shade is nothing like what you saw on screen! Or that the trousers you thought would fit in medium were 2 sizes too small for you (erm, have you heard of Asian sizing?)

And between you and me, recently I’ve been finding it hard to mix and match my separates due to their very colourful nature so I think it’s just about time I invest in versatile pieces which can add me some edge and tone down my otherwise too eclectic wardrobe.

So with no further delay, here’s what I want this weekend:

Grunge and leather is not usually my style but I really like this sheer shirt from cool Indonesian label Nikicio which I would team with my red shiny trousers (yes I have those!) and OTT colour block/leopard print platform sandals which are always hard to match!

I’ve been wanting a sequin dress since new year, remember? And this number from the Hong Kong-based brand Hanalie ticks all my boxes: sexy but not cheap looking since it’s covered up with sleeves, not black, and has a unique colour combination which is not common for this style of dress. I love the overall soft pastel feel which gives a feminine edge to this party-ready look. I would team it with my Alexander McQueen skull heels which are as dark as I can possibly get!

Nipples Revolt Vermillion Necklace($121.04)

Ever since reading that is stocking an Indonesian label called Nipples Revolt, I was dying to see what they do, and I have to say I am not disappointed!

This silver necklace with arrows all around is very unique yet understated so it’s time I owned something that versatile. Plus it goes with almost everything in my closet especially this plain black playsuit which needs something equally simple yet interesting. And you guessed it, this means I can go as colourful as I want with choice of shoes…

Desti Saint GoatskinEnvelope Clutch ($190.10)
When it comes to handbags and clutches, I either go for plain or crazy, but nothing in between. Somehow this goatskin clutch manages to combine both by clever and distinctive detailing while keeping it plain white in colour. This arm candy from Singapore label Desti Saint is a must-have for someone who owns so many bright clothes like me so I won’t even start on what I can wear it with ...

-          Nikicio Crop Top ($46.55)
Asymmetric jersey tops are all about adding an edge to an otherwise plain tee. But despite it being undeniably cool, I’ve always found it hard to stumble across the right one for me, mainly because with no definition, it would look like a shapeless sack bag with me inside it. Not really my look or flattering for that matter!

But this Nikicio top gets the fit right with more definition in the front, leaving the loose fabric falling mainly in the back. I also love the sexy sleeves and the asymmetric length that would show a little midriff (but no bellybutton) on one side if you wear it with a slightly high-waisted skirt like this mustard pleated midi. My red square toe pumps complete this look which is spot on trend in both colour and style! delivers worldwide for free and with full return policy, so get on board the Asian brand wagon!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Say bonjour to Singapore's top model...

The new lookbook for the latest collection by Singaporean eco-label All Things Green and Beautiful is slowly being revealed.

I've been promised more of the lookbook will be uploaded soon. So bookmark the site, and massage my ego :)