Tuesday 26 June 2012

The 30 Singapore designers you need to know about: Part 1

Today is a huge (and depressing day) for me.

It’s my 30th birthday, and to help me officially mourn the passing of my youth I thought I’d do some shameless promotion of my favourite Singaporean labels and designers.

So here it is. 30 at 30 if you like. My guide to 30 labels from Singapore that you really should be paying attention to. I’ve added links to those who have websites so you can find out more about each one.

I hope this little birthday gift from me to you gives you as much joy as discovering these talented designers has (and if anyone wants to buy me a birthday gift, they can find some hints in there haha).

But as 30 is a bit much to digest in one go (not to mention very tiring to post!!), I’ll split it into three posts over days. Here is part one of three - in no particular order. Enjoy!

PS – I have avoided putting in the Singapore fashion giants like Charles and Keith, so don’t email me asking where they are :-)

PPS - Here is a link to part two of the 30 Singapore designers you need to know about, and this link will take you to the final 10 in the list.

Yes I'm 30! and can't get enough of the awesome Singapore labels
like this MAE PANG top which I love! (Thx again to John Tan for the pic!)

 Lion Earl: To say I love these guys is an understatement. Labels like Lion Earl are the future of Singapore fashion. Super stylish and elegant, slightly eccentric but using more sophisticated tailoring techniques. The brainchild of designer Lionel and architect Hariz, the brand is one of the big hits from the latest round of designers at the Parco next NEXT incubation programme but are destined to break-out sooner rather than later.

My birthday dress had to be from LION EARL! You'll be seeing me in
the shorter version of this amazing dress soon :-)

Carrie K: The art of making things is dying out all over the world, so it’s great that some labels are determined to revive things. From the fabulous handmade statement jewelry to the artisan trunk shows that highlight fellow craftsmen, Carrie K is really flying the flag for the old school arts in Singapore. 

From Carrie K's latest collection. This Heavy Mettle necklace is
just stunning!

Emblem: One of the first times I realized the power of blogging was when a friend bought a gorgeous Emblem purse for his wife after reading about it on my blog. Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky (hint, hint) but if you love stylish purses then look no further.

Mash-up: Anyone who has read my blog for more than 30 seconds knows one thing. I love colour! And this new Singapore based streetwear label has it by the bucket load. It’s like an artist’s palate exploded in the factory and gave rise to a glorious erm…mash-up of styles. The fact they asked me walk a catwalk show for them has nothing to do with their inclusion :-)

Fun never ends at Mash Up!

Depression: Obviously as I’m turning 30 this Singapore based left-field label is an ideal choice. Except their clothes are anything but depressing. Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim manage to create collections that contain both the dramatic and the fun, that are both daring and playful in equal measure

I love Depression's latest collection especially the accessories and this
necklace which was part of my birthday treat to myself :-) Can't wait
to rock it!

NoelCaleb: I do some freelance styling work for this Singapore label but they are included on merit. Of course their shoots look great (as I was involved haha) and I had a small hand in the direction of their latest collection, but it’s the overall look that I love. It was actually one of the first labels that turned me onto Singapore designers, and their mullet skirt is still one of my favourites.

A photo from Noel Caleb's Teddy Girls collection which I helped do
the styling for.

Hansel: Ok, this is a bit of an easy one but it still has to be said that there is a reason why Jo Soh’s label sits near the top of the Singapore fashion tree. Quirky, light and well made, Hansel’s clothes are both expressive and joyful. Definitely in the fashion should be fun camp, Hansel is one of the few local labels that truly looks international.

I overdosed on Singaporean designers this birthday and grabbed
the strapless version of this dress on GSS sale last week!!

Mae Pang: I was so happy to be able to get my hands on one of Mae Pang’s beautiful pieces during Blueprint! This is a designer who does what she loves, be it mixing neon colours, geometric shapes and interesting mix materials. Luckily instead of shying away, people seem to love it – and so do I!

Awesome edgy cuts from MAE PANG!

Shito: Shoes are a particular passion of mine and I’m very picky about fit, colour and quality. Which is why I was blown away that a local brand could be producing foot candy of this standard, for reasonable prices too. Everything from outrageous to elegant can be found here. And for prices closer to Zara than Louboutin.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes... Love Shito's designs!

Mils: Jumpsuits for men anyone? One of the new Parco next NEXT labels that is making waves locally and beyond, Mils is another example of how the men are starting to get a foothold over here. experimental, bold and original. Everything fashion should be.

I'm no menswear expert but love MIL's inventive designs