Wednesday 3 October 2012

Bonjour Bangkok: Lynn Around keep it quirky and mainstream

Perhaps a great thing about Thai labels is that not only the small and independent ones that pride themselves on being funky and quirky.
Maybe it's something to do with the Thai attitude to dressing up, but it’s really refreshing to see the eccentricity not being designed out by committee when a brand becomes more mainstream. They're still waving goodbye to dull and pushing the boundaries with risky style statements.

One label which despite its size (It has around 10 outlets in Bangkok) is doing just that: Lynn Around.

I first saw their outlet at the never disappointing Thai fashion cathedral Terminal 21, where the vibrant colours and eye-catching looks pulled me in to inquire about the label (and ahem… shop).

Dalmation pattern shoes from Lynn Around
Even in a somehow more 'mainstream' Thai label like Lynn Around, you can still find
some quirky stuff like these adorable pony hair loafers. Bangkok rocks!

Lynn Around at Terminal21 Bangkok
The colours and variety of styles at their Terminal21 branch is so inviting.

Retro inspired dresses at Lynn Around

I instantly fell in love with the attention grabbing outfits, from printed 50s-inspired floral silk skirt to a McQueen-esque knitted dress with baroque influence. A beautiful hot mess that's fit for a ball. Everything in the shop is eclectic and there doesn’t seem to be one running theme or style. It is more like a mish mash of cool prints and bright colours which are not for the faint-hearted.

Most of the pieces have some girly softness about them but a few look quite edgy as well. The knits, especially an embellished mint green sweater was so gorgeous and felt soft and comfy when I tried it on. I'm still not sure where people in the baking heat of Bangkok (or anywhere else in South East Asia) find to don such a piece with regularity, but it is stunning.

I tried a few pieces on, to test the quality and fit and was pleasantly surprised that the fabric had a reassuringly well-made quality, even though the price range was on par with High Street retailers like Topshop and Zara. I guess in a way it is an alternative to these major brands, obviously more daring and not a slave to seasonal trends.

Mint knit  sweater at Lynn Around in Bangkok
Love love this knit sweater in mint colour and awesome embellishments!!!

Lynn Around in Bangkok

Lynn Around in Bangkok

Lynn Around in Bangkok

Shoes at Lynn Around in Bangkok

 My favourite pieces included a knitted maxi dress (shame it’s too hot to wear it here though!), an orange lace strapless number with contrasting electric blue lining which unfortunately didn’t fit me so well (cut for more straight Asian figures), and a beautiful floral silk midi skirt.

What I ended up buying though was a retro off-shoulder printed dress which my hubby thought was way too busy and incomprehensible but I couldn’t explain why I loved so much! It did need altering though and I think this is the only drawback on buying non-stretchable fabric frocks from Asian labels if you have a different body shape.

Bonjour Singapore at Lynn Around in Bangkok
My favourite pieces included this colourful maxi dress...

Rana Wehbe-Flinter/Bonjour Singapore at Lynn Around in Bangkok
A stunning silk floral skirt...

Tutu skirt by Thai label Lynn Around
Yup it has a tutu underneath :-)

Bangkok label Lynn Around
Loved this bright orange dress with electric blue lining... the cut needed
a nip on the waist though...

Bangkok fashion label Lynn Around
Stunning knitted gown... maybe if I was in London

All in all, despite it not being a small independent brand, The Thai label Lynn Around strikes a great balance in being well-made, well-priced and a little bit different – something not easy to find.

Lynn Around has many branches around Bangkok. You can check their website for an updated stockist list and full collection here.

Bangkok fashion label Lynn Around
Finally bought the colourful dress on the far right :-) kind of a blind love affair...

Thai fashion label Lynn Around

Bangkok fashion label Lynn Around