About me

Yup, my shoes are my treasure...
Photo by Joyce Lui

My name is Rana. Better known in this town as the girl with big curly hair and a penchant for bright colours and skyhigh heels.

Before you ask, yes the hair is real. With the big curls I could not stand out more from the laid back, silky-haired and monochrome-clad crowd of Singapore.

But opposites do attract and I might be just the right person to blog about this city's emerging designers, cool boutiques and everything fashionable around town.

I was born and brought up in Beirut, Lebanon and have been interested in fashion ever since I started sewing clothes for my Barbie dolls.

As an eternal traveler, my life journey has taken me through wars in my home country and a stint in Dubai to a new life in Asia... 

Along the way I've been lucky enough to visit great fashion cities like London, Paris and New York, but one thing stands out. Everywhere I go I am fascinated by what local designers and craftsmen are doing.

Whether its trawling through a souq in Yemen or buying material for an overcoat from a trader in Iran, I always seek out the people getting their hands dirty in the grass roots trade, because fashion is as much about the one man band as it is the multi-billion dollar label.

Of course I love what the Versace's and D&G's of the world are up to, but lets be honest. I can find that out anywhere and everywhere. 

My mission right now is to find the beating heart of style and fashion in Singapore and Asia.
Join me on my journey.