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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chic Stash: Pre-loved fashion revolution in Singapore

Singapore fashionistas rejoice! There is finally a place to get your hands on some serious vintage designer treasures. 

It’s so convenient in fact that you don’t even have to step outside your home to score some enviable arm candy or a timeless pair of shoes. 

That's right, one of the best new places to shop in the little red dot is online - at the newly launched vintage lovers heaven, Chic Stash.

The brainchild of two style-savvy New York fashionistas, Chic Stash is a representation of what these ladies love about fashion. If you’ve ever been to NYC then you’ve probably seen the amazing vintage shops lining the city’s streets. Well this is kind of the same vibe, brought to life online and focused on Singapore.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bonjour Beirut: Falamank does vintage, modern and antique jewellery like no one else…

As someone with eclectic taste in fashion, I rarely make big definitive statements about my style. But here is one which I’m sure will be true for a long long time to come: if I had to choose only one jeweller to wear their pieces for the rest of my life, it has to be fellow Lebanese designer Tarfa Itani of Falamank.

I hear you ask what about my love for antique jewellery? Well, the best part is that Tarfa makes her own designs AND picks some amazing antique jewellery from around the world to sell or even transform into statement pieces without undermining or ruining their appeal.

I was first introduced to Tarfa’s work just over two years ago on my wedding day, when my fashionista extraordinaire cousin gifted me a delicate gold and diamond bracelet, featuring a flying dove. I instantly fell in love with it as it was something I would pick for myself and naturally I decided to find out more about this Beirut-based label and catch up with the designer for this blog.

An exceptional pendant from Falamank's Mosaic collection...  
'Omri' ring: Arabic for 'My life' as in 'sweetheart', how sweet is that?

Monday, 3 September 2012

Hadasity: Hand made statement jewellery from Singapore

When it comes to accessories, for me it’s go big or go home!

But even those people who prefer more dainty and classic pieces, they probably still agree that the more unique, spontaneous and preferably hand crafted the piece is – the better.

It's ironic that despite Singapore's leaning towards minimalist style, there seems to be a great deal of home-grown interesting and unique jewellery labels, one of which happens to fit right into my style–Hadasity.

I first came across this label at Soon Lee boutiquein Haji Lane and fell in love with the colourful and unpredictable pieces mostly assembled from vintage trinkets and wires. Recently I got a chance to meet Hadassah Lau, the extremely talented woman who designs and handcrafts every single piece at a Hadasity event to launch their new September collection.

Singapore jewellery label Hadasity
One of Hadasity's unique and stunning necklaces! So random
but beautiful...

Hadassah - founder of Hadasity jewellery label
Hadassah is as bubbly as her creations and clearly loves
her craft!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Roccoco Kent: Another great addition to the Singapore vintage fashion scene

The key to great vintage shopping is to never stop searching, as the best bargain of your life could be hanging on the next rail.

I didn’t know it until now, but the same rule obviously applies to vintage shops in Singapore.

Just when I thought I had the best old school shopping experiences in the little red dot covered (recording my finds for posterity in Time Out Singapore), I stumbled over yet another little gem which definitely deserves a place on my list: Roccoco Kent.

Stepping into this tiny cubbyhole of a place in a non-descript shop house in the Kampong Glam area is like being transported to another era, with rails of clothes juxtaposed against a backdrop oddities and curiosities (think typewriters, tennis raquets and side-tables) from a bygone era.

It is like you walked into the set of a retro movie, except its real and practically everything on show is actually for sale.

The small narrow Roccoco Kent oozes with charm...

Vintage jewellery anyone?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Cheap and chic: Thrift shopping for a cause at New2U

One of the things I’ve always loved and enjoyed is bargain hunting in thrift shops. And it just happens that I am quite good at it!

I think it’s something I took from my mother who always managed to score amazing finds on great discounts. No wonder that she has passed on me a great deal of her stunning vintage clothes.

Good thrift is not easy to find though and while ‘vintage’ tends to be more appealing - better quality and design - sometimes nothing beats the thrill of a great thrift find!

A lot of thrift is unfashionable cast offs and discarded clothes (think about it, why would they throw away something good?), but look deeper you’ll be surprised on how many amazing items you can score if you have the eye – and the time – for it.

Luckily I found an incredible place for second hand rummaging, right here in Singapore.

How much do you reckon this adorable polka dot jumpsuit cost me?
Read on to find out...

Some designer bargains at New2U thrift shop!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Granny's Day Out: Singapore's hidden vintage gem

Despite its recent popularity and return in Vogue (thank you Kate Moss!), vintage is still an enigma for a lot of people who until today are hesitant to try it.

Some flatly refuse the concept and consider vintage no different than any second hand rags (yup back home they do!). 

And despite liking the idea of it, others just simply don’t know how to wear vintage and get confused with all the colours, styles and patterns and shy away to avoid looking like a costume character from an era long gone!

An eternal lover of everything vintage (from my wedding dress to my mom’s frocks, bags and shoes…) I am here to help! And I found just the right place to show you some tips and tricks in rocking vintage. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Playing Dress Up at Nostalgia Queen Vintage

I’m always happy to hear feedback on my blog and people seem to notice that I do put a lot of work into it i.e. it is not one of those lazy press release publishing blogs, and I do chase content instead of waiting for it to drop in my lately overflowing inbox.

But looking for interesting and fun content is not always easy especially that I’ve been working non-stop these days! So I decided to use my very little free time this week to… just have fun and get inspired!

And what a better place to do that than booking an appointment at my next-door neighbor vintage shop Nostalgia Queen Vintage to try on her newest attainable from Paris and treat myself impulsively to something unique :-)  It’s very cozy  and charming and its owner Michelle is very friendly and welcoming! Plus the price range makes it excellent value for money.

I never know what to expect while vintage shopping... this outfit looks more
avant-garde than vintage! Just love some healthy impulse buys from time to time... 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Dustbunny Vintage: Handbag Heaven in an HDB

I’ve been to lots and lots of vintage shops. In fact, almost every city I travel to, I make point of visiting the local vintage shops to see what they’ve got in store. A lot of those shops – especially around Notting Hill in London – have truly exceptional stocks but lack one major thing: warmth and a personal touch which is what vintage is all about.

Come to think about it - apart from my Loubies – my most treasured belongings from my antique engagement ring to my mom’s silk kimono, mesh bags and dazzling dresses are vintage; and what I love most about them are the stories they tell (or keep me guessing) which make up most of their value.

Although no one might know the stories behind Dustbunny’s stunning vintage items, I think experiencing the warm welcome from the owner Pia or her assistant will be enough to create memorable backstories of their own when asked the inevitable question “Wow, where did you get that from?”

Who would have though that in an HDB I would find vintage heaven...

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vintage shopping: The Good Old Days in Bugis Village

In order to tell you about my recent find, I have to make a confession: When I’m feeling down or got nothing to do I love going to Bugis Village. I mean what else can cheer me up other than getting lost in a maze of street stalls, playing loud music (from hip-hop to K-pop) and selling cheap knick knacks and fashions from Asia? You certainly can’t beat that! Although I rarely come out with a purchase (except for those 3 for S$10 earrings), the street atmosphere there with everybody bargain-hunting lightens up my mood and reminds me of bargain-shopping with my mom back home in Beirut.

Getting to know what to expect in there, I never thought I would find something more than the usual which for me translates as visual inspiration but nothing interesting. But there I was, yesterday, stuck in the rain and browsing when I saw the coolest little vintage shop floating alone in the sea of overcrowded stalls selling lookalike Chinese and Thai goods.

The handmade sign of The Good Old Days tells it all

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Nostalgia Queen in my neighbourhood

I am a self-confessed vintage victim. So you can imagine my joy and excitement when I discovered a little vintage shop just a few doors down from my apartment.

This was one of the things I’ve always dreamt of whenever I went vintage-shopping around the world in places like London, New York, Paris, Rio and Buenos Aires. I would wonder what it is like to have these amazing treasure troves on my doorstep. And now I do; only it is in Singapore.

Welcome my new neighbor, Nostalgia Queen Vintage

Thursday, 27 October 2011

SingStyle: A splash of colour and vintage

Name: Aurora Kessler
Occupation: Public Relations
Dress: Anthropologie
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Necklace and ring: From India
Best place to shop in Singapore: Little India
How do you describe your style: I am drawn to fashion that is feminine and colourful with ethnic flair
Your style inspiration: Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Rajasthani women with their amazing colour pairings
You fashion/style tip: Play your strengths

Mixing designer, vintage and ethnic, Aurora’s look is just spot on:  Love colourful yet grown-up print of the dress which complements her skin tone and looks effortlessly elegant. The simple hair bun also goes perfectly with the outfit, leaving the attention to this eye-catching dress, and gives it her a Grace Kelly twist. As for that gorgeous black vintage bag, all I can say is I’m really jealous! It is the wow factor and key item in Aurora’s look which lifted it from being any printed dress/heels combo to interesting, dressy and elegant.
So ladies, take it from Aurora and spice up your wardrobe with colourful prints because you still can look elegant if you’re not wearing black from head to toe.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dulcetfig on Haji Lane: Accessorize your life

Vintage, Avant-garde, quirky, kitsch, modern… you name it, despite their different styles, everything at Dulcetfig looks unique and original!

Lovie Wong (and Jack) at her colorful boutique
This small shop on Haji lane stocks local labels as well as some funky accessories from places like Australia, Greece and the U.S., as long as its owner sees that it fits the theme of her cool boutique best.

Lovie Wong who opened this boutique 5 years ago makes sure her shop doesn’t become just another outlet for mass-produced merchandise by stocking very limited number of items from each label and mostly one piece from each style.

What I love about this place is its eclectic feel and that every corner you look, something pops out and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on one thing only! You definitely need at least an hour to look at everything properly.

The clothes at Dulcetfig are mostly vintage or local labels like Noel Caleb and the quality and tailoring is better than the average standard you see in these kinds of shops. This is reflected in the price as well where a satin blazer (Noel Caleb) retails for SG$189.

A satin blazer from local label Noel Caleb (SG$189)

As for accessories, I think this is what the shop does best. From local labels like Amado Gudek raisin-made rings and necklaces (starting from SG$29 for a ring) and L’ile Aux Ashby geometric designs, to English label Lucie Ellen’s kitschy necklaces (SG$22-25) and my favourite pairs of colourful earrings by Dancing Dangles (SG$60 average), every item looks individual and original.

L'ile Aux Ashby funky necklaces and brooches

Amado Gudek raisin-made accessories (starts at SG$29 for a ring)

Fun and kitschy: Lucie Ellen accessories

Who said both earrings should look the same? Dancing Dangles gives me a reason to disagree
(starting at SG$58 for a pair)

I especially love the traditional/modern mix in some of the labels, namely the Hong Kong-based Singaporean Cherie Wong’s buttery leather clutches with their use of the traditional jade bangles (SG$149) and US-based Tree and Kimball handmade dyed lace earrings (SG$49) and necklaces (SG$59).

Cherie Wong's clutches with traditional jade bangles (SG$149)

Beautiful lace accessories (SG$49-59)

Dolcetfig also stocks one of my favourite shoes labels, Melissa, whose rubber-made, environmentally-friendly pairs are perfectly fitted (and stylish) for a rainy place like Singapore.

It’s hard to pick what I like most in this shop but I definitely agree with Lovie that the vintage clutches and bags are probably her best treasure. Ranging from SG$50 to SG$190, these bags are sourced from Australia and the U.S. and carefully picked by the owner herself. My pick would be the gorgeous mesh evening bags which come in various colours and look absolutely stunning!

Melissa's rain-friendly shoes (SG$90-190)

I love the wooden bucket bag (SG$150)
Vintage evening mesh clutches

More stunning vintage bags: SG$149 and SG$189
My verdict: If you like everything colourful, interesting and unique (and of course vintage bags) then Dulcetfig is a must-stop for you because regardless of your budget, you’ll definitely find something that you love to take home!

Dulcetfig is located on 41 Haji Lane, Singapore. Tel: +65 63965648.