Wednesday 18 April 2012

Why I'm proud to be a B.A.D. girl

I have a confession to make. I'm a B.A.D. girl!

But it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and the reason I'm leaving the country for a couple of weeks has nothing to do with being kicked out. In fact, it's something I'm rather pleased about.

Because being a B.A.D. girl means I'm Backing Asian Designers. It's a new initiative to raise awareness of emerging local talents in the region and encouraging people to go out and shop local. 

B.A.D has been launched by Singapore-based website, the luxury e-commerce site bringing you the crème de la crème of Asian designers. From Thailand to Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and of course Singapore - the breadth of coverage is pretty impressive.

Among the Asian labels on is the awesome Thai label
Second Issue (remember it here?) from which this gorgeous dress is.

The campaign comes at a peak time where Asian designers everywhere are showing how impressive fashion from this continent can be. From the well-known and now household names like Prabal Gugung (Nepal) and Thakoon (Thailand), Asian designers are taking the Western world by storm – so it is time that people in Asia support those lesser known names on their doorstep.

The campaign includes some fashion insider interviews, in addition to an ever expanding gallery of people wearing Asian labels which (including my photo) can be found here 

As they're as passionate about Asian fashion as I am, when they told me about their campaign I had no hesitation in saying yes and sending my picture, wearing a gorgeous limited edition dress from one of my favourite  (and newest!) local labels LION EARL, and carrying my Tezzo clutch.

My B.A.D. campaign picture, wearing dress from Singapore label LION EARL.

To help me demonstrate my commitment further they even invited me to their showroom (which they also open for customers by appointment) to try on some of the labels from all over Asia. Yes - that makes me a lucky girl as well as a BAD girl ;-)

Below are the looks I came up with, showing the variety of styles from Asian designers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did choosing them! I have to say the quality is top-notch and the pieces (especially the colourful ones) look way brighter and even more gorgeous in real life. They're all available at  

 Now tell me once again? Who’s B.A.D.?

Look1: Cutout dress from The Only Son (Thailand) – not on site yet - Python box clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore), watch-parts ring from Pitch (Thailand)

Edgy and sexy, this dress from Thai label The Only Son is a showstopper!

Love the little cutouts on the sides and on the back...

I teamed with complementing accessories, a cute watch-like
ring and box clutch in goldish tones.

Look2: Digital-print silk satin dress from Koonhor (Singapore), leather envelope clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore) and cameo cuff from Disaya (Thailand)

This Paris architecture inspired Koonhor dress is way brighter in real life...

Love the unusual take on emblem cuff and the simple clutch in
this pretty shade of peach. Just enough to finish this colourful look

Look3: Peplum dress from Second Issue (Thailand), clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore), hand-painted pigeon cuff and ring from Disaya (Thailand)

My favourite look of all!!! This dress tocks all the boxes: edgy, cute, original
and flattering!

Oh and those hand-painted Disaya accessories are adorable!

Look4: Graphic print silk top from Akira Naka (Japan), silk skirt from Tangram (Hong Kong), gold plated bracelet from Pitch (Thailand), clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore)

A more toned-down look, the fit of this ensemble would work for many body
shapes and adds a dash of glamour to everyday wardrobe.

A statement bracelet from Thai label Pitch is all this subtle look
needs to shine.

Look5: Belted silk midi dress from Vickteerut (Thailand), tribal-inspired necklace from Vice and Vanity (Singapore), clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore)

This dress was picked by Jacqueline from shopthemag when I asked what
she would recommend. I was surprised that although not what I'd normally
pick, the look came to life once topped up with some accessories. Oh, and
it is super super comfy!!

Yup, now it's more my style with this Vice and Vanity necklace!

Look6: Silk blend dress from Song (Vietnam), jeweled cord necklace from Alldressedup (Singapore), ring from Disaya (Thailand), clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore)

First I was attracted to the colour and material of this beautiful dress from
Vietnamese label Song. The fit is also very laid back and chic.

A statement necklace as usual adds so much to any plain dress

Love this ring!!!

Look7: statement dress from Manish Arora (India) – not on the site yet - clutch from Tan & Brown (Singapore) 

I felt like a modern Bollywood star in this Manish Arora dress which is yet to
belaunched on the site! I've always admired the designer's colourful
and modern interpretation on Indian fashion and this dress is beyond gorgeous!

Sadly my camera doesn't do this stunning dress and its bright colours justice!