Friday 6 April 2012

Weekend Want: Edgy and colouful platforms from Malaysian label Chic Yamada

Over a lunch conversation last week, I realized that for the past 5 months I have been on a shoe diet! Yup, as shoeholic as I am, I have successfully managed to avoid adding a single pair of shoes to my collection!

Although I always see cool stuff here and there, I have decided that unless it is something different from anything I have, cooler or bolder I’m not buying it.

With my avant-garde heelless Marc Jacobs, blinding neon yellow platforms and edgy (and practically un-wearable) McQueens, I doubted I would find a pair which is any bolder – that is until I stumbled over these Moccasin platforms from Malaysian-based label Chic Yamada. Foot candy at its best!

These Yamada platforms would fit perfectly in my eclectic shoe collection!

Can't decide which colour combination is best...

Apart from the bright colour-blocking (you know it’s my favourite trend by far!), the unusual even shape of these platforms makes them really stand out. I’ve seen this kind of platforms (especially from Asian labels and blogshops) before but these are much more interesting, fashion forward and are handmade of a much better quality. They are edgy, bold, fun and would make a great addition to brighten up any dull outfit this spring.

How to wear them? Just keep the rest of the outfit simple and let them stand out! I would mix them with a faded cut-out denim or shorts and a simple pattern tee (striped or polka-dot) for a cool combination or just a plain tank and some chunky colourful jewellery.

More colours for those who dare...

If high platforms and colour blocking is too much for you to take in one pair, there are the Mary Jane platforms which are as unique and bright yet less ‘out there’.

Another reason why I love these beauties? Well, they add inches to your height without the pain!!! What else could you ask for?

Chic Yamada Moccasin and Mary Jane platforms cost S$119 and are available on Asia Fashion Inc.

These relatively less loud Mary Jane platforms are also so cute.