Wednesday, 25 January 2012

No Issue with spending on this Thai label

Now that the main New Year festivities are over, and people are slowly heading back to work, a young woman's thoughts turn to the important things in life: World peace, when's the next holiday and what can I spend my Ang Pao (red packets) on!

Luckily I'm on hand to give you some guiding on the last one (I'm working on world peace, but at the moment I'm having trouble sourcing enough ice green tea to pacify  all warring nations :-))
Having trawled almost every shop in town before CNY, I doubt there will be anything I haven’t spotted which is worth the contents of my red packets. So online shopping seems like the best idea!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you’d know by now that I’m a sucker for everything colourful, unique and yes OTT sometimes. So finding the Thai label ISSUE was like finding my online shopping heaven!

Here's where my red packet money is going... a beautiful silk ISSUE dress

Every ISSUE piece is bold, individual and truly unique. I especially love all the ethnic and tribal print inspirations which are the label’s signature.

My favourite piece on the website has to be this beautiful silk dress which I cannot take my eyes of! I love everything about this number from the print (which I cannot make up what it is yet) to its primary colours and modern architectural cut especially the structured over-sized sleeves. And for US$186, I don’t think it’s a bad deal especially considering how unique the piece is.

What’s also cool about the label is that it does women’s as well as men’s clothing in addition to unisex accessories like printed satin scarves which are to swoon over!

However, ISSUE’s latest collection which is sold at Front Row in Singapore, has to be their best yet! This edition which is inspired by the legends and mysteries of LEMURIA (a region that is believed to have vanished around 70,000 B.C.) includes some stunning pieces like the one-shouldered maxi dress which is hard not to notice.

Still swooning over this gorgeous dress!!!!

The men’s pieces in this collection are also as fun and cheerful especially the jackets with tribal tattoos prints which I’m sure my hubby would like to get his hands on ;-)

ISSUE is available online: 
and at Front Row, Raffles Hotel Arcade, #02-09, 328 North Bridge Road, Singapore.