Thursday 5 April 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the second finalist Jaslin Ong from Singapore

Time for the second Q&A with one of the Audi Star Creation finalists! If you’re not sure what this is, read my previous post about the competition and about the Q&As which I’ll be posting with each of the 12 finalists every Tuesday and Thursday. I promise you, there’s a lot of talent to see here!!!

Jaslin Ong from Singapore

Name of designer: Jaslin Ong (Singapore)
Age: 21
Name of Collection: Devastate(d)

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I heard about Audi Star Creation when Textile and Fashion Federation representatives came to give a talk about it in campus last year. I took part because it feels fresh and interesting, and I feel I have a shot at winning it. And of course, the attractive prizes and experience if I stand a chance to win!

  1. What was the inspiration behind your collection?
My collection, Devastate(d), is inspired by the idea of someone deformed being forced to be a part of a circus freak show simply to satisfy the curiosity of others, as well as the torment they must feel. To illustrate this, I took apart and reconstructed typical garments, inverting pockets, using oversized shapes and off-centre stitching, and turning pants into shirts.

  1. What new ideas/approach do you think you bring to the fashion scene in the region?
The idea of combining fashion and art to create a more in-depth concept.

  1. Any Asian designers/labels that you like and look up to?
Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. I love the way she constructs the garments and how she also focuses on other aspects of the business rather than just the piece itself. 

  1. What would you like to do if you win and who would be your target audience (people in the region, age group, style, etc...)?
Hopefully, I will be able to kick-start my career in the fashion industry through winning the competition and eventually getting spotted by the fashion industry.

I would like to see a career woman around the age of 25 to 40 wearing my designs, someone who is individualistic and has a bold and daring personality. I think local actress, Rui En, fits the bill, based on her personality, and what she wore at the Channel 8 Star Awards and other appearances. One example will be the pantsuits that she wore for star awards last year. However, I think the main focal point is still on her personality.