Monday 16 April 2012

Parco next NEXT party: celebrating the launch of 18 new Singapore labels and young designers

The 14th of November, 2011 was the first time I got invited to a local fashion event. It was at Parco and I still remember Wey, the designer of Veira bags sending me an invite as an excited newbie on the blogging scene.

I remember going with my hubby, not knowing a single person or designer showing. Fast-forward 5 months and here I am, just as excited and attending the launch of yet another batch of young local designers at Parco – only now I know almost everyone and was surrounded by friends and familiar faces.

A model showing one of Revasseur's colourful designs during the mini-show

With Genevieve, one of the designers behind 20:twothree

One of the great things about the fashion scene in Singapore is definitely how welcoming brands are to genuine enthusiasts. Perhaps it Is because so few others really give these talented guys and girls the respect of highlighting their work in an intelligent fashion? Personally I think it’s a crime the relatively shy amount of publicity these types of events and incubators receive from media and the public alike. 

Anyway, that's another post for another day.

This is the last post I’ll be writing about the ‘Parco designers’ as a bunch because with the launch of their labels I think they deserve to be recognized by their brands which by nature are very distinctive. However you will be able to keep tabs on them by clicking here.

Up for grabs! Cool pieces from Evenodd...

And Foon Foono...

And the gorgeous hand-made necklaces from Foreword who are already a
hit among customers!!! Yup a friend of mine had to limit herself to two!

 But back to the party, well it was definitely much more crowded than I thought and I was so pleased there was obvious support for the designers on the day. And it has to be said,
I agree with almost everyone I spoke to on the event who mentioned how impressive this specific batch of designers is and it seems they have the focus and talent to hopefully stay around for a long time.

You probably know by now a little about these 18 new labels (as posted here) and I promise more in-depth posts will come along. What you guys probably want to know is where the pictures are? Well here they are :-) And just in case you want to know, my skirt was from Nostalgia Queen Vintage on Sophia Road, jacket from Topshop, necklace from a street market in Bangkok, Jimmy Choo booties and my clutch was of course from Singapore's new hot label Tezzo.

In my outfit... finally I got to wear that skirt which I bought for amusement!
OK I couldn't sit but who cares... I love it :-)

Best dressed of the night was Yun's mother, looking effortlessly chic and
gorgeous in her daughter's label Episene's dress! Just love it!!!!

At the 20:twothree space

The guys behind 2HB have designed their space to look like the interior of a 70s hotel

Alexandria and Sybil showing off some yet-to-be-released accessories from Alexandria
Chen label... Will have to wait for those...

A model showing simple elegant dress from Angelia

Ash Lee standing next to her label's space

With my dear friends David and Cornelyus (yup the awesome photographer who made
me look good ;-))

Foon (right) of Foon Foono and a friend

At Foreword space...

Hana from Kae Hana posing next to her awesome creations...

A selection on display from Revasseur

Yummy mini cupcakes too!!!!

Joy, the designer of Quainthood does this simple dress justice! 

In keeping with the theme, trying a DIY shot with Nathanael, one of the
MASH UP designers.

With Shaf from MASH UP... I think our outfits match ;-)

Sunny from MILS!! don't you just love his jumpsuit from the same label?

Natasha of LION EARL rocking the dramatic hat!!!

Designer Saloni of Saloni Rathor with friends. Love her dress which she told me she
stitched the night before!

Beautiful prints at Saloni Rathor

William next to his super sharp designs of Wil.Liam

And finally the cool couple behind WSDM and a friend.