Tuesday 24 April 2012

Stunning underwater shot from Singapore photographer Cornelyus Tan

You may remember some time back I introduced you to a friend of mine who I billed as an up and coming young photographer.

Well it seems that young Cornelyus Tan has already upped and moved on from doing shoots to help promote bloggers who have zero modelling skills :-)

Take a look at this photo that he shot in the pool in my building over the weekend. The shoot (which was a collaboration with Leonard Chua from Pix Story) wasn't for a label so it has nothing to do with anything that I'd ordinarily be interested in promoting.

I was just amazed at the beautiful picture that emerged from the session and wanted to share it with you all.

A Siamese fighting fish/mermaid hybrid in my swimming pool!

Recently I've also had the pleasure of working with him on a lookbook shoot for Noel Caleb, the label I act as a consultant for.

The results - as you can see below - are also in line with what you'd expect from a very expensive high end fashion photographer.

This blog is about promoting homegrown fashion talent from Singapore and Asia, and that doesn't just mean people making clothes.

You can view other pictures from the shoot or contact Cornelyus via his Facebook page.

Beautiful shot of model Lera T by Cornelyus Tan Photography

In case you're interested (as I know these things are important in shoots), The makeup and hairstyling in the underwater shoot was done by Pippin Emerald and the model was Lera T (Upfront).

In the Noel Caleb shoot, the styling was done by yours truly, the makeup by Raudha Raily, hair by Sha Shamsi and the model was Renata Kroon (Upfront).

The Noel Caleb Teddy Boys collection is a capsule collection for Tangs and is available at Tangs Orchard Road and Tangs VivoCity. You can find out more on their website or on their Facebook page

With thanks to Noel Caleb and Cornelyus.

The Teddy Girls collection from Noel Caleb is available at Tangs

Cornelyus Tan worked with me on a shoot for Singapore label Noel Caleb