Friday 30 March 2012

Weekend Want: Tezzo’s colourful and exotic iPad cases and envelope clutches

If you ask me about the big designer whose work I dislike the most, it has to be Roberto Cavalli (Sorry Donatella!)

Apart from the fact that the OTT $1million crystal chandaliers in his Cavalli Club in Dubai almost blinded me, I find most his designs to be more over the top than a drag queen beauty contest.

I especially dislike the excessive use of animal print and exotic skin in his designs, urrrrrghhhhh.  

But while I’m no fan of exotic skin in dresses a la Cavalli, I still love the feel of it in small doses such as shoes and bags.

And to this end, I have recently stumbled over some cool purses from a new Singapore-based label Tezzo.

These pretty evelope clutches are a far cry from the OTT exotic skin designs of Cavalli!

What I like most about these bags, purses and even ipad cases, is the simplicity of their design and the use of bright colours which makes them stand out. The price point is also reasonable considering the quality, and far below the ‘Designer’ equivalents which you’d pay for the name instead.

My favourites are the bright envelope clutches and I’m eyeing the yellow one to go with my technicolour wardrobe as well as my duller looks for this summer. It’s easy, stylish and cute!

All the bags are hand-crafted in Hong Kong and the raw materials sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia. They are not mass produced, are only available in limited pieces so as to keep their exclusivity.

More colourful clutches, from green to red and yellow...

The strange thing for such a loud label is the guerilla nature of their brand, it’s not so much under the radar as crawling through the undergrowth in camoflague.

If you look for it, you won’t even find a website! That is because the label has only started quietly a year ago and has not been officially launched (yup I'm the first one to write about it!) The designer behind it Susie, is still working single-handedly trying to sell these beautiful bags through consignment stores in Indonesia.

But don’t despair. The good news is that she’s having a pop up space at Tangs, Vivo City until the 20th of April, so this will be the place to find Tezzo for the time being and until the label officially launches.

(Prices range from $128 to $220  for wallets and purses, $148 to $300 for clutches, $380 to $600 for handbags and S$195 for Ipad pouches.)

UPDATE:  Tezzo is now stocked at Trioon #03-28 Mandarin Gallery, and online at

Ipad pouches are also as cool and colourful!

Even the natural-hued bags are stylish and understated!