Friday 20 January 2012

Weekend Want: Mudan’s exquisite jade necklace

One of the most profound heartfelt moments of the last few years was when I was given a vintage jade necklace by my mother-in-law.

The more I explored Asian culture, the more I realised how precious this gift was, not least because my husband’s mother is Hong Kong Chinese and fully understands the deep traditional and symbolic value of such a gift. Jade in Chinese culture symbolizes beauty, nobility, perfection, constancy, power, and immortality and thus has always the stone of choice since ancient times.

Such a precious gift was made even greater because she was given the necklace by her own mother. I’m not joking when I tell you I sometimes well up thinking about it.

My weekend want for CNY is this gorgeous coral and black jade
Red Flourish necklace from HK-based jeweller Mudan

This is just one of the many reasons why I have developed a deep love for jade jewellery, and conversely, one of the reasons why I love being in Asia during the Chinese New Year period.

Aside from the sights, sounds, food and vivid colours – young and old dig out their jade jewellery, or buy brand new pieces to wear with pride.

So with Chinese New Year approaching, what could be a better time than picking up some jade jewellery which not only look great but are also timeless and original.

But its not only an ancient tradition. Jade jewellery can be contemporary – the case in point being Hong Kong-based jewellery designer Ang Miri who is behind the label Mudan Jewellery and boasts some beautiful pieces which look far from outdated.

I came across Mudan while trawling in Far East Plaza and the pieces caught my eye right away. I loved the fact that despite their ethnic look, most of the pieces had a more modern feel to them which makes them wearable with ease.

My favourite piece is this Red Flourish necklace. I addition to the beautiful Inky Jadeite carved Goldfish in the centre, the mixture of different stones and colours in this piece make it unique and interesting. And it doesn’t only look great but it also carries a lot of symbolism: According to traditional Chinese belief and Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth and prosperity while the red corals strand on the necklace symbolizes good luck.

Jade is ethnic, bold, carries beautiful meaning and if you wear it long enough might bring you luck. I personally started to believe the Chinese saying which goes "Gold has a value; jade is invaluable."

Happy New Year!

Mudan Fine Jewellery is located in Far East Plaza #03-23, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore. 
You can shop some of the pieces online ( international delivery available) at

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And finally the Phoenix Haven to relate to my Lebanese roots ;-)