Friday, 27 January 2012

Dustbunny Vintage: Handbag Heaven in an HDB

I’ve been to lots and lots of vintage shops. In fact, almost every city I travel to, I make point of visiting the local vintage shops to see what they’ve got in store. A lot of those shops – especially around Notting Hill in London – have truly exceptional stocks but lack one major thing: warmth and a personal touch which is what vintage is all about.

Come to think about it - apart from my Loubies – my most treasured belongings from my antique engagement ring to my mom’s silk kimono, mesh bags and dazzling dresses are vintage; and what I love most about them are the stories they tell (or keep me guessing) which make up most of their value.

Although no one might know the stories behind Dustbunny’s stunning vintage items, I think experiencing the warm welcome from the owner Pia or her assistant will be enough to create memorable backstories of their own when asked the inevitable question “Wow, where did you get that from?”

Who would have though that in an HDB I would find vintage heaven...

Starting with the cozy and unusual location, in a local HDB complex, this charming vintage boutique stands alone adjacent to a neighbourly food court and few grocery stores frequented by the local community. Yet it somehow doesn’t seem out of place! Stepping in the relatively spacious shop, I was instantly transported to those decades where elegance and colours went hand in hand.

There were so many pretty things at Dustbunny... I didn't know where to focus

Beautiful vintage accessories can make any outfit unique!

The first thing that grabs your attention is the lack of black and abundance of bright and cheerful print dresses. Something I’d never have thought existed in Singapore. Even my technicolour wardrobe seemed dim compared to the rails on which a full-skirted candy-floss pink lace number and a frilly 70s yellow dresses hanged.

Of course I had to try those on! And unlike many shop owners who are too protective over their stocks, Pia seemed to be enjoying the dress-up game as much as I was, with her even bringing me some hidden treasures from her own collection to try as well.

Pink is not exactly my colour, but I couldn't resist this cupcake-like lace
number which happened to fit perfectly...

And since it's OTT anyways, why not add an even brighter yellow knit and
beaded bag to complete this candy-inspired look?

Love this knit mustard-y dress which has some 60s vibe to it. I added the
most unusual leather and wood handbag to finish it off (OK and tone it down!)

Pia took over styling me from here and since yellow (my fav colour!) is THE
colour of spring/summer 2012 , this dress was a perfect pick!

Something a bit toned down (for me that is :-))...

This beautiful gown fit perfectly and teamed with the silver clutch, it makes
a great outfit for a dressier occasion. Very (colourful) Grecian godess!

OK I had to try something different too! I picked up this dress not knowing
how it would look on me, but I have to say I actually almost bought it!
I'm still contemplating 'The Little House on the Prairie' look... yay or nay?

It was understandable. After all, Pia, like me, is someone who is passionate about vintage and before opening the boutique, had half of the handbags on show as part of her private collection. But as you can imagine, it grew too big so she decided to share some of her collectibles with people who would appreciate their value as well.

Pia enjoys the dress-up fun as well! Seen here wearing a gorgeous
backless floral number from the shop which I tried on as well.
Looks better on her though ;-)

As for the vintage handbag collection at Dustbunny? Well it was probably the best I’ve ever seen outside a museum. In fact, it possibly should be a museum. It’s that impressive!! From a stunning rare two-tone Chanel in mint condition, to half a dozen of timeless Gucci Bamboo bags which are a far cry from the brand’s omnipresent monogram bore-fests. I’m not kidding when I say every bag in the shop was a showstopper. Even the less colourful arm candy looked like they’ve popped out of a 60s or a 70s movie!

Vintage Chanel for half of what the new ones cost... what more can I say???

Timeless Cartier and Ferragamo anyone?

Or maybe a classic Bamboo Gucci? believe it or not, going for hundreds
instead of thousands!

And the most unusual and unique vintage bags are just too cute to be true...

Last but never least. The shoes! The most elegant and classic unworn YSL pair took my breath away… Sadly even for my small size 36 feet, these beauties ran one size too small and my husband’s bank account breathed a sigh of relief!

I wonder who’s gonna snag this gorgeous pair just like a modern vintage Cinderella story (no need for a prince though, I can give you the address below! :-))

Dustbunny Vintage is located on Bukit Purmei road, Block 112, # 01-203
Opening Hours: 12 noon - 8.30 pm (Tues-Fri) 1 pm - 7 pm (Sat & Sun)

If only this stunning YSL pair fit me... what a beauty!

I have to say prices were quite good as well starting at S$10 for a pair of earrings,
S$25 for a dress or shoes and S$15 for bags up to couple of thousands if you're
talking designer. But all in all, definitely good deals!