Thursday 5 January 2012

Singapore Stylings: Working with local womenswear label Noel Caleb

If you’re following my blog, facebook or twitter you would have known by now that I’ve been a busy bee lately!

From modeling for local label ATGAB last week to being a brand ambassador for Noel Caleb this week, life for me nowadays seems to revolve around fashion! And mind you, I’m up for new challenges as well!

While modeling was certainly a lot of fun, in comparison, this role definitely comes more naturally to me. Having been just 2 days at the Noel Caleb pop up space in Tangs, I am truly loving it!

For my debut at Noel Caleb's pop up space as their stylist, I chose
this cute Alexandrova polka dot skirt combo. Loved all the details!!

Why? Well it’s simple. I get to wear all the beautiful skirts I’ve been swooning over for the past 3 months AND dish some fashion and style advice for shoppers! Being a stylist is like playing a live game of dress up, only your ‘dolls’ are customers looking for something stylish which works for them, and you get a lot of pretty pieces to play mix and match with.

I think I made it clear from my previous post about Noel Caleb
(here) that their ethos, cuts and colours are to die for. So getting to work with them is certainly a lot of fun and getting to wear them is just another perk of the job!

Yesterday I debuted with the cute polka dot Alexandrova skirt and today (and tomorrow) I am wearing my favourite piece of the lot, none other the purple Morganite (aka the mullet) skirt! I have to say it just looked and felt so beautiful and I even got few customers buying it when seeing me parading it ;-) yay!

This Morganite skirt was a definite hit yesterday and I loved it so 
much that I'm wearing it again today - with a different top of course!

But the best part of the whole thing was definitely talking to people, introducing them to this new local label and showing them how to wear the pieces and style them in a way that suits their bodies and taste.

The highlight of my day was putting together outfits for a gorgeous lady (with the most enviable legs!!!) who loved the combos so much and walked away with half a dozen pieces at the same time!

As for the negatives, well it was basically my fault wearing 4-inch killer heels to stand up for 7 hours straight! But to give that mullet skirt justice, it was worth the pain and I’ll be doing the same tomorrow!

The Noel Caleb pop up space is going to be at Tangs until the 15th of January. I’ll be there to help and give styling tips from 11am till 6pm this week and starting 5pm till closing hour next week including weekends! So pop by and say hi :-)

For those of you asking, yes they do online shopping and you can find out more here. But I’ll leave with some more photos of my favourite Noel Caleb pieces.