Friday 13 January 2012

Weekend Want: Max Tan’s geometric genius

I think it is clear by now that I’m not a fan of baggy clothes or monochrome ones. However, I just can’t seem to resist max.tan designs which are all both baggy and monochrome at the same time.

Looking through the latest collection lookbook of one of the most respected Singaporean labels (max.tan was the first Asian-based label to be invited to showcase at Modefabriek in Amsterdam in 2010), I cannot help but swoon over the flawless edgy garments which combine soft geometry and bold cuts to create beautiful shapes and an ethereal feel to every piece.

Although this dress is too floaty, the shoulder and sleeves design
would make it wearable and even flattering!

The best part (and the one which I think might be the solution to my problem with baggy tops) is the sleeves! Three of the looks presented by max.tan have off shoulder long sleeves which show enough skin (tastefully of course!) in the top part that even when the dress is too loose, it kinda fits right and prevents the dress from drowning the dresser.

I mean of course the model can pull off any style but for someone petite and not as tall, too much fabric which looks great on paper or as an artsy avant-garde piece of fashion is not as flattering in real life. Judging by these pictures, I think Max Tan has found a way to make it work.

Think I might finally give it a try!

Max.tan is stocked in Singapore and internationally. For an updated list of stockists click here

Again the sleeves detail is superb...

and suits warm weather like Singapore despite the amount of fabric

I just love this one! beautiful geometry and don't be surprised if you
see me rocking it (need to figure out what to do with the hair first)!