Tuesday 17 January 2012

Shito shoes: adding colour and character to Singapore’s LBD

Whoever it was that said brown was the new black had obviously never been to Singapore.

Brown isn't the new black here. black is. In fact black was the old black, and will more than likely be pretty much every other future black too.

And in a country where monochrome dresses are a staple of most wardrobes, it becomes more essential for the average person to accessorize well.

For some that means a nice expensive handbag, but for me it means one thing...SHOES!!!

What's better to accessorize an LBD than a pair of bold statement shoes?
This Shito pair is my current favourite!!!

And not just any old shoes. I'm talking heels that lend a dash of colour, a soupçon of character and a load of style to any outfit.

So when they say necessity is the mother of invention, they must have meant Singaporean brand Shito (pronounced Shee-tow you naughty people), because the 20-something ambitious ladies behind it, Cheryl and Alice have obeyed the golden rule of business; Make your product solve a problem.

The problem obviously is the sea of blackness. And oh how they solve it is with pair after pair of sophisticated (and most of the time fun!) foot huggers that look a damn sight more expensive than they actually are.

Shito's mood-evoking outlet inside Parco next NEXT

Cheryl, who mainly takes care of marketing and managing the brand told me that her and her best friend Alice decided to start the label a couple of years ago naturally out of their love for shoes and desire to create more unique styles that those found at the mass produced well-known big shoe labels like the now international Charles and Keith for example. 

Their inspirations range from retro 70s and Studio 54 to muses such as Dita Von Teese, and translate into beautiful and sometimes fantasy-like pairs which look and feel great even for a picky shoe lover like myself!

Cheryl was also gracious enough to invite me down to their warehouse to run (or sashay) amok amongst all of their beautiful creations. And so I came up with a few perfect pairs to spruce up any LBD!

Among my favourites were a very Manolo Blahnik-style pointy orange satin slingbacks with black lacing which looked perfect and comfortable enough for dancing.

Love the colours and fabric (suede and satin) of these two pairs
 which go very well with an LBD

I also loved the suede numbers like the sexy red platform pumps and the electric blue wedges with see-through black panels on the side which added a touch of colour to my probably only work-friendly black pencil dress.

Despite the chunky look of these sandals, they actually looked great when
I put them on!

Another blue and gold sequin pair of sandals caught my eye and looked great for a night out, as well as the most comfortable high heels in black and white which apparently took Alice and Cheryl some experimentation to come up with the best padding.

I'd say the experiment has succeeded so that's style, comfort and statement achieved! What are you waiting for ladies? Ditch those boring black pumps at once!!!

Shito’s flagship store is at Parco NEXT next, Millenia Walk (soon to be moving so check here for updates on stockists) and average price is S$159 per pair.

Online: www.shitoonline.com, facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shito/89428904461

This pair of padded platforms was very comfortable...