Monday 30 January 2012

Singapore's Carrie K. Jewellery: Pin me up with style!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that simple is easy. On the contrary the simpler some ideas are, the more difficult it is to make them interesting and at the same time… timeless!

The secret? It’s all in the little details. Whether its minimalist d├ęcor, iPads or even shoes. It’s a painstaking process making something look so aesthetically pleasing yet effortlessly functional.

Take accessories as an example. How often do you see beautiful, unique yet simple jewelry? Hardly ever right?

The mantra of jewellery has always been more is more. Simplicity rarely enters into the equation unless we are taking about boring mass-produced pieces which are just ‘blah’.
Thankfully, Singapore has the answer in the shape of Accessories label Carrie K.

Who would have thought that something ordinary like the safety pin could be the inspiration
for this beautiful and delicate ring?

From the choice of theme, thickness of the chain,
 shape and colour or even the less visible details like the buckles on the back of a necklace – every aspect of Carrie K. jewellery seems to just fit right and more importantly has the X factor: In this case originality.

I’m not usually a fan of fine jewellery but when I came across Carrie K.’s Veritas line, especially the Reborn collection, I was instantly charmed.

The collection takes ‘ordinary’ everyday objects as inspiration and re-invents them as jewellery by rethinking the shape and details.

Take for example the Safety Pin ring which wraps around your finger. Delicate yet playful. The same goes for the Safety Pin and Paper Clip earrings which are cleverly designed to use the edge itself as an earring pin.

Mind you, these are no stainless steel pins, every item comes mostly in sterling silver plated in gold and some even have a ‘bling version’ of white gold and diamonds which are made to order. So bling it on with style!!

The Safety Pin ring is so subtle and unconventional... This sterling
silver version plated in rose gold retails for S$228.

How do you like to wear your pins earrings? Straight...

Curved in hoops...

Or just pinned straight in?

Veritas by Carrie K. Reborn collection is stocked at:

Carrie K. Atelier
136 Bukit Timah Road (open Saturdays 2 to 7pm. Weekday viewings are by appointment)

The Society of Black Sheep
Marina Bay Sands

You can also find the other collections from Carrie K. at
And as of this week, Carrie K. is available in Japan after being handpicked by Asian stylemeister Yuji Yamamoto (the son of THE Yohji Yamamoto) to be part of the labels at his concept store Make One’s (MOM) which houses up-and-coming Asian fashion talents under one roof. The collections will be available at MOM’s three stores in Tokyo.

More cool pieces from Veritas like this Chain Gang necklace
with a lock as back buckle.

The delicate and beautiful chain in this necklace brings out
the beauty of the stones.

The Big Fat Rock necklace!