Monday 28 January 2013

Want to see what's in my Clozette?

Yup I'm one of Clozette Ambassadors as seen on the banner ;-)

Less than two years ago, before this blog even existed or I had any presence on social media networks like twitter and facebook – google images was my best friend.

Every time I wanted to check a certain dress I saw on the high street or get inspiration for an outfit I want to put together – I typed in a few words and if I were lucky got a few relevant images among a lot of rubbish not related to fashion.

But digital media has evolved so much since then – or more accurately I finally embraced social media and saw the light – and things have become much easier, more convenient and way more accurate.

No one can deny that fashion is mostly all about visuals.

Pintrest is good for that but better still is Clozette – the fashion networking site where you’ll only find fashion and more fashion.

Clozette gives me the chance to share snaps - like this - of anything I find on my
fashionable quest in Asia and around...

... And if you like the looks I've been putting together, you can see them all
on a special section on my page here
The concept is simple. It’s a visual driven site where people can upload images of anything fashion-related and sort them in their virtual closets for others to look through.

I was lucky enough to be asked lately by managers to be involved as an ambassador and featured stylist, a task I gladly accepted and rushed to spread the word.

What that means to you, readers, is that I’ll be uploading images – whether published on this blog before or not – of fashionable things I snap around especially from Asian designers. Whether it is a ‘want’ or something I’ve recently acquired in my closet, you’ll be able to see it, comment on it and hopefully get inspired by! All on my Clozette page here.

All the beautiful things I stumble upon will be documented on Clozette along with info
of their whereabouts...
Men's stuff too ;-)

And if you’ve been stalking my looks (I know some of you are!), you’ll be able to see them in a special album called ‘Look of the Day’ where I’ve sort of documented my top looks over the past year and will keep doing so.

But Clozette is also so much more than me exhibiting some photos. Anyone can open an account and start uploading images of anything fashion-related, and can even shop around from a variety of partner e-stores and brands which Clozette has tied to.

Love the looks? You can go through them and leave me comments
or questions as well! :-)

In a nutshell, it is like a virtual fashion universe. Exhibit, navigate, get inspired, network and even shop for fashion all in the same place.

For me personally, I find it a great way to reach out for anyone interested in fashion and I aim to use it - just like I do with my blog – to further promote interesting Asian designers and help fashionistas locate them. In addition, it’s a great platform for inspiration and communication between like-minded fashion-loving people.

So what are you waiting for? Start a Clozette account and don’t forget to ‘follow me’ to keep up to date with any interesting finds I stumble upon or looks I put together.