Wednesday 9 January 2013

Bonjour giveaway: Win S$500 from Zardoze to glam up the new year

As someone who goes by the saying ‘You can NEVER be too dressed up’ - including wearing sequins in the middle of the day – I am certainly not one to shy away from makeovers.

That's especially true of makeovers that are more about dressing up than dressing down and which aim to uncover the best version of yourself rather than turn you into a fashion slave.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve decided that this year instead of following and reporting trends and fads, I’ll be focusing on further developing my own style and having fun with it while also helping my readers develop theirs through posts and styling tips.

But to kick start this initiative in the new year, I’m holding the biggest giveaway so far on Bonjour Singapore, and  it will see one of my readers winning a S$500 worth outfit from Singapore label Zardoze.

Zardoze Singapore
Want to win a S$500 makeover from Zardoze, styled by me? Read on for more...

A few months ago, I posted about the launch of Zardoze, a new local label specialized in cocktail and evening wear – a rarity in laid back, casual Singapore and something I’m a fan of especially that it strikes the right balance between glamour and taste.

So, if you want to start off 2013 on top of the glamour and style stakes AND decked out in one of the most feminine and chic local labels, here’s your chance to win an outfit which will make you stand out on any important occasion this year might have in store for you. 

Best part is, I’ll be styling the winner J

Pink Zardoze dress
Discover your inner Zardoze with this S$500 giveaway. Entry details below

To enter the competition, follow these simple steps:

  1. LIKE and go to Zardoze facebook page
  2.  Use the special ‘Find your inner Zardoze’ app on the facebook page. The app requires you to post a photo of yourself and answer a series of questions. Based on your qualities like ‘ideal date scenario’ and ‘favourite style icon’, the app will recommend the piece to matches ‘your inner Zardoze’. Taking part in the app alone will win you a 10% discount voucher for your next Zardoze purchase from Robinsons Centrepoint and Robinsons Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. So it’s a win-win situation ;-)
  3. After a photo of the matching style is generated by the app, take a screenshot of the test result or share it on the Bonjour Singapore facebook page, along with a short write up (one up to three sentences) explaining WHY YOU NEED A NEW OUTFIT this year.
  4. Best answer wins a S$500 worth of Zardoze ReadyToWear and jewellery products as part of a look which will be styled by me at Zardoze’s showroom J
  5.  Entries are accepted until the 20th of Jan and the winner of this giveaway will be announced on Monday 21st Jan. So if you’ve got a party/birthday or any occasion this coming year then this is an opportunity to glam up that you don’t want to miss!!!