Friday, 23 December 2011

Singapore label Amado Gudek: statement jewellery made with love

When I choose accessories, I hardly ever do delicate. Accessories are meant to stand out and add character to a plain outfit so the more it is a ‘statement’ piece, the better! Big, bold and full of colour is what makes them distinctive.

So it’s no surprise that when I went to Dulcetfig (aka accessories heaven – read about it here) on Haji Lane, the first things to catch my eye were Amado Gudek colourful raisin-made pieces.

What makes Amado Gudek accessories stand out is first and foremost their unusual inspirations which push the boundaries on what makes an interesting piece of jewellery. Case in point is that for the latest collection, the designer behind the label, Elaine Tan, took inspiration from the Anti-Antler – as a slight mockery on how deer are constantly hunted for their antlers whether for Chinese medicinal reasons or just decorative ones.

Statement necklaces Amado Gudek's newest collection 'Anti-Antler'
where each color is named after a famous reindeer. The red one
on the far right is called Rudolph of course :-)!

But that’s not all. A big part of these accessories’ appeal is also the way they are made. Elaine, who operates alone, designs each piece starting with sketches, then sculpts and casts the resin by hand to complete it. Apparently one necklace can take about 3 days to complete!
It is obvious from this tedious process that Elaine has so much passion about what she does and she still does it as a hobby rather than full-time business.

Other than the rich colours and quirkiness of the pieces, what I really love about Amado Gudek is that despite the eccentricity of some of the pieces, they are totally wearable – especially if like me you’re not afraid of expressing your character by wearing statement accessories.

From Occult Octopus collection: this necklace is one of my
favourite pieces!

Another take on the Octopus shape from the same collection.

Love these mismatched earrings from the Pitcher Plant collection...

... and the necklace!

Being mad about everything artistic, I also love the experimental feel of the pieces and the effort Elaine puts in balancing them and making them appeal to the eye – despite the unusual shapes and themes. What strikes me in her latest collection ‘Anti-Antler’ is that boldness and shock factor which is embodied both by the shape and colours. Honestly after seeing her previous collections, I expected this one to be as bold but not bolder. I was pleasantly surprised by how much she took it even further - almost fearlessly - especially when it’s a known fact that in Singapore, bold and primary colours unfortunately take the backseat.

Adorable jellybean-like rings from Anti-Antler collection. Never
too bright for me!!!
From the diffusion line AG, the Fantastic Jurassic collection
is just... fantastic ;-)

Rings from the same collection.

So, to Singapore ladies out there who wish to stick to monochrome dresses, maybe what you need is just a hint of something unique to make you stand out from the crowd, and Amado Gudek does just that – and does it with great style.

In addition to Amado Gudek’s latest collection Anti-Antler, previous Occult Octopus, and Picher Plant collections are also available to purchase either at the stockists or by emailing Price range for Amado Gudek accessories is S$59 to S$139.

Amado Gudek and AG (the diffusion line which is as gorgeous but more pocket-friendly, between S$29 and S$59) are stocked at:
Dulcetfig: 41 Haji Lane
Quintessential: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, #02-01
The Reckless Shop: Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #02-08/09
Eclecticism: Paragon Shopping Center, 290 Orchard Road, #03-08

These pieces (all below as well) are from AG line. Their pop colours
and simple designs make them perfect for a younger crowd -
and suitably more affordable for them.