Thursday 9 August 2012

SUNDAY UPDATE - Max Tan at Copenhagen: Exclusive LIVE behind the scenes update

In case you don’t know yet, Singaporean designer Max Tan is taking part in Copenhagen Fashion Week for the coming few days and he’ll be sharing his behind the scenes experience from the VISION tradeshow and his solo fashion show through Bonjour Singapore.

This is going to be a constantly updated post (twice a day at 8pm and 1am Singapore time), where you can follow Max’s journey through his snapshots and words.

You can find out more about Max Tan in Copenhagen Fashion Week and an exclusive look at the SS13 collection he’s showing by reading this story.

Max Tan has arrived in Copenhagen! Check out what he's been up to below...

Please note, latest updates will be at the bottom of the article:
Update 1: Wednesday 8 August (evening)

Max says:

“Gosh I just finished setup and it's 11pm here!

I started the day pretty rough. I was suppose to rent a car but the company branch decided to close on me leaving me stranded with my luggage! Thankfully after several calls to the main office, they sent a car over. Timely as it just started to drizzle.

And so I finished the setup with the help of my two friends. And here it is! Unfortunately I've taped up the area but I can't wait to show you the final display tomorrow. And guess what, Lulu Guinness is also at VISION! Can't wait to pop over to say hi and to introduce myself tomorrow!”

Update2: Thursday 9 August (afternoon)

Max says:

“It's 12pm here and I'm just waiting for my buyers and meetings to start!

I'm situated in the 'private' zone where all the emerging designers are! I'll try to take  some pictures of them and send  later! Everyone's really busy!

But now I've got my bunny ears set up, I've also put on a pure 925 silver necklace which my friend Greg Ting made for me. He's an emerging talent, so new that he hasn't got any website up yet! But we're collaborating on a number of pieces and this first piece is a sneak peak!

I saw some really really cool, wearable and beautiful shoes which I thought you (Bonjour Singapore) will like! I will snap some pictures of that too. I'm heading to Tivoli Gardens tonight and I'm really excited to visit the oldest amusement park in the world!!! Weeee!”

Awww so cool that Max remembered that I love shoes and thought of me :-) Can't wait to get to see the photos when he sends them!! Of course will share them with you ;-)

Update3: Thursday 9 August (evening)

Max says:

"I didn't manage to take pics of the shoes because I was doing a site visit to my show on Saturday and meeting up with the show space manager!

It's going to happen in an old train terminal!!

I saw some cool seats too, made out of beer cartons! :) how cool is that?"

Can't wait!'

I can't wait too!!! - for both the show updates and the shoes pictures ;-)

Update4: Friday 10 August (afternoon)

Max says:

"The booth is really busy today in the morning and I had to manage my guest list for tomorrow's show! I'm expecting some really exciting names and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will attend. 

I'll be attending the designer's nest show later in the afternoon, do google and check out the Danish talents! Plus I will to take photographs of the shoes! :-)

I am going to try to snap a picture of Lulu Guiness stand! It's super cool!

Fitting is at 5 pm today. And I'm reallllllllyyyy excited!"

Update4: Saturday 11 August (evening)

Max says:

"So sorry for the late updates. The booth was amazingly packed yesterday and on top of that, the fitting was in the evening and it was non stop after that! So yes, I hope to bring you guys good news really soon! :)

Let me explain why. Its quite funny actually. Haha. The Danes were actually really impressed with us Singaporeans. Because with just me and my two friends, we organised,

- One fitting session with 42 total looks.
- Manage our own lights and music mix.
- Be our own hair stylists for all 12 models.
- No dressers backstage.
- Manage the guest list and pr.
- Do our own ushering.
In just 12 hours.

Haha. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment after that. Can you imagine, the show after mine had 82 people backstage?! and I was really excited because Dazed and Confused magazine did an entire coverage at the show, backstage! My favourite magazine at my own show.

I know you have been into vintage recently and I saw these vintage shoes at the fair and I immediately thought of you! Vintage + colours! The pink heeled oxfords were really cute!

I'm off to see the city now! Finally a chance to do so! Will be writing in soon and tomorrow I will show you where I've been!"

Amazing news!!! Keep watching this space as tomorrow I'll be releasing the video of the finale of Max.Tan show! So exciting!

Yay! Finally the photos of those shoes! Thanks Max :-)

Update5: Sunday 12 August (evening)

Max says:

"I'm writing to you from the airport!

Had an amazing evening yesterday at tivolli gardens. Nice cool summers night with the big band playing and couples dancing under the moonlight.

Good old amusement park games. Exactly how an amusement park should be like, 100% pure happiness. I was playing games at booths and won myself 4 mini aliens stuff toys! Haha.

Pseudo Chinese styled roller coasters? Haha. It's pretty funny to also watch a pantomime on a Peking opera styled stage!

I'll be landing in the evening tomorrow and can't wait to share more with you.

Just 4 more days in Singapore before I'm off again to samui! It's times like these that I truly miss home."

This sounds amazing and so much fun!! Fashion Week isn't just about fashion after all, it's also an opportunity to discover new places and meet new people...

I have to say I've really enjoyed sharing Max's news and adventures with you, all the way from Copenhagen! This will be the last update from this leg of the tour but stay tuned because in few days I'll also be updating you, this time from his show at the exclusive Nikki Beach Fashion and Lifestyle Weekend in Koh Samui, Thailand! 

This time Max will be showing his Liquid SS13 collection which I will also release a sneak-peek of just before the event.

Exciting times for Max Tan and for Singaporean fashion in general as it is clear from the amazing reception of these local designers abroad  that they truly deserve all the appreciation and support back home!