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Thursday 9 August 2012

SUNDAY UPDATE - Max Tan at Copenhagen: Exclusive LIVE behind the scenes update

In case you don’t know yet, Singaporean designer Max Tan is taking part in Copenhagen Fashion Week for the coming few days and he’ll be sharing his behind the scenes experience from the VISION tradeshow and his solo fashion show through Bonjour Singapore.

This is going to be a constantly updated post (twice a day at 8pm and 1am Singapore time), where you can follow Max’s journey through his snapshots and words.

You can find out more about Max Tan in Copenhagen Fashion Week and an exclusive look at the SS13 collection he’s showing by reading this story.

Max Tan has arrived in Copenhagen! Check out what he's been up to below...

MAX.TAN Exclusive: SS13 max.tan collection and behind the scenes at fashion shows

Happy National Day!

While a lot of us (including non-Singaporean residents) are celebrating this day on the little red dot itself and enjoying a day off work, one Singaporean is being a busy bee – and all for a good reason.

One of the most known local designers outside Asia is Max Tan. Ever since he emerged on the fashion scene a few years ago, Max has been going from strength to strength and with 2 labels under his belt (max.tan and Liquid), it is safe to say that he’s established a name for himself outside of this island and his designs been shown on international runways (guess what, he’ll even be showing in New York next month!)

So what is Max doing today? Well he’s currently in Copenhagen, taking part in the VISION tradeshow for few days and the debuting his max.tan SS13 collection at his first Solo fashion show on the 12th as part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week. That’s not all, straight after, Max is flying to Koh Samui  (Thailand) for the prestigious and highly exclusive Nikki Beach Fashion and Lifestyle Weekend where he’s doing another show – this time he’s showing Liquid and will be the opening show (on the 18th).

With a lot of parties and preparations in between, Max must be a very busy and stressed man – but nonetheless he decided to share his experience with all his fans back home – exclusively through Bonjour Singapore (yay!).

Exclusive look at the new max.tan SS13 collection
max.tan SS13 collection images, released for the first time here :-)
Keep reading to see them all...