Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bangkok Frocks: Five must see labels from Thailand

When it comes to travelling I admit I’m obsessed with planning. Despite the availability of tour guides and internet sources, I always insist on making an hour-by-hour plan which ensures I see everything I came to see on my holiday.

While most of my planning is about sightseeing, I also like to have some sort of plan for the shopping part. Just to save time and make sure I don’t get led by well-meaning taxi drivers to overpriced touristy shops.

My planning skills are about to come to the fore when I go to Bangkok later this month. I’ll be accompanying my husband on a business trip, but he’ll be busy during the days. And that means one thing – a three day long shopathon!

I’ve compiled a list of boutiques and shops which I’m looking forward to visit on my trip. While this is not the full list, it is a snippet of what I’m looking forward to most. And experience taught me that as good as it is to have a pre planned itinerary, it’s always good to leave some time for what I do best – wandering around and discovering even cooler places by accident.

Kloset is high on my list of Thai labels to see when in BKK! Just love the
whimsical details...
Want to know if I’ll meet my expectations? Check this space back on the first week of September where I’ll be running a 2-part series about my Bangkok shopping adventure!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my five must visit highlights from my list. If you’ve got any more suggestions of awesome Bangkok based boutiques or labels then leave your suggestions in the comments box below.

I’ve blogged about this label before, and even managed to buy one of their amazing dresses from Having seen their SS12 collection entitled ‘Summer Kites’, it seems I cannot get enough of this colourful and artistic label which knows how to combine quirky and flattering. Issue has just opened a boutique in Siam Paragon (apparently one of the best places to shop in BKK) and are having an end of season sale so fingers crossed it will be still on once I get there!

I've been eyeing the dress on the left from Issue's Summer Kites collection. Praying it'll
still be there waiting for me...

Can't wait to go to the Issue shop in Siam Paragon.

In my Second Issue peplum dress :-) (Photo by John Tan)

LalaLove London:
While adding one more dress to my collection is a good thing, I do seem to have quite a bit of those and not enough casual stuff which look stylish and comfy at the same time. This is where LalaLove London will come in handy! Having seen the label at Best of British (BOB) showroom in Singapore, I fell in love with the edgy prints on their unisex t-shirts and I’m looking forward to visit their flagship shop in BKK and get my hands on few pieces (although I have a feeling I’ll still end up buying a dress instead!) What’s best is that all of their fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton and the digital printing method they use is relatively eco-friendly.

Will be hard to pick one of those awesome printed t-shirts!

His and Hers anyone?

I'm thinking more of  a dress ;-)

Quite established, I stumbled over this Bangkok label online and to my surprise it could not be more different than the other edgy Thai labels I’ve seen! Whimsical and playful, Kloset's dreamy pieces are all about the little fun and ‘girly’ details which are all handcrafted with love. The colours are as soft as can be and perfect for the hot summer weather! I cannot wait to visit one of their many shops in Bangkok...

This look is kinda hard to pull off but I love it!

More quirky stuff from Kloset...

Sugar & Cream:
As you probably know by now, vintage is high on my list so I had to have at least one place to explore. From the looks of it, Sugar & Cream sounds very promising – and the photos on their facebook page already got me drooling over some great vintage finds! I’ll be keeping a good few hours to browse around and hopefully come out with a great find like I always do in such places ;-)


Wonder Anatomie:
Last but not least comes the seriously edgy ‘all-out’ stuff! This is a label like no other and probably one of the hardest to pull off. I’m willing to try though, especially that those neon-hues plastic pieces are more like works of art than accessories. Think skeletal-inspired plastic body harnesses, paper and plastic neon Birkins (yes, even better then the real ones!) and accessories that look out of this world. I’ll be visiting Wonder Anatomie's shop in Siam Centre and see what crazy stuff I’ll emerge with.

I think this bracelet is the safest thing to pull off from this super edgy label!

A paper Chanel bag? Yes please!!!