Monday 6 August 2012

Roccoco Kent: Another great addition to the Singapore vintage fashion scene

The key to great vintage shopping is to never stop searching, as the best bargain of your life could be hanging on the next rail.

I didn’t know it until now, but the same rule obviously applies to vintage shops in Singapore.

Just when I thought I had the best old school shopping experiences in the little red dot covered (recording my finds for posterity in Time Out Singapore), I stumbled over yet another little gem which definitely deserves a place on my list: Roccoco Kent.

Stepping into this tiny cubbyhole of a place in a non-descript shop house in the Kampong Glam area is like being transported to another era, with rails of clothes juxtaposed against a backdrop oddities and curiosities (think typewriters, tennis raquets and side-tables) from a bygone era.

It is like you walked into the set of a retro movie, except its real and practically everything on show is actually for sale.

The small narrow Roccoco Kent oozes with charm...

Vintage jewellery anyone?

Emmeline Woo, the owner of this new discovery on North Bridge Road, picks up everything on show from her travels around Asia, Europe and Australia accompanied by her husband who also happens to be as passionate about collectibles as she is.

In fact, there is a little outdoor space which Emmeline tells me is controlled by her husband and includes his picks. That’s one area where Roccoco Kent scores highly, in that the shopping experience isn’t solely aimed at women. So bored men can pick up a cool retro suitcase or clock instead of milling around pretending to be interested in the 17th 1980s Chanel dress you found.

Perhaps the most amusing thing you can find at Roccoco Kent is this 50s
Tennis raquet, forming part of the cool outdoor space at the shop.

Don't ask... I have no clue what these things are but they sure look cool - and
will keep your man bemused while you're browsing inside.

A vintage Japanese robbot!!! How cool is that?

If you're an NFL fan, here's something to add to your collection as well!

Now back to the serious business. The clothes, bags and accessories. I was instantly drawn to the accessories and clutches! From a Cartier classic to Aigner and Gucci clutches and a stunning leather Samsonite, the bags were stunning and at a bargain price. I’m talking S$49 for Aigner and S$139 for Gucci!

But that’s not all. My personal favourite was a small metallic clutch which looked way more expensive than its mere S$32 price tag. I don’t know how Emmeline manages to keep the prices so low (or if demand will see them rise too) but whatever she’s doing is going to gain her a massive following of vintage fashionistas.

Then comes the accessories, where the array of beautiful earrings, rings and necklaces is very hard to choose from, including some stunning emblem earrings and brooches.

Those earrings look amazing! and yes the prices you see are real... amazing bargain!

Cute pins for your little one... or for yourself really ;-)

An awesome leather Samsonite is up for grabs too!

Love these vintage clutches!!!!

Aigner bags in different sizes...

And... that's right, the covetable Cartier bag! Just gorgeous!!!!!

Roccoco Kent stocks some great dresses as well, and mostly in sizes which would fit people in medium or large size. My favourite is a Ralph Lauren Country floral dress in rustic colours which I would have bought on the spot had it not been a size too big for me! The best part is that it was going for S$79 – an absolute bargain for this gorgeous frock that not even the thriftiest of partners or parents could have complained about.

Apart from vintage clothing, accessories and furniture, the place is also home to some eco-friendly labels which Emmeline sources, including Super Earth Goods bags which are made entirely from recyclable material like rice bags and tyres and sustainable jewellery from Peru which makes some cool feather shaped earrings from used leather and chains.

This Raplph Lauren dress is to die for! and selling at only S$79! Wish it fit me!

Style with conscious: Sustainable earrings from Peru

These super Earth shoppers are made entirely from rice or coffee beans bags with
leather-like straps made from tyres! Awesome!

In fact the only thing that isn’t retro about this store is their attitude to online shopping. Yes people, that means what you think it means.
You can also browse and buy online via their website. They also ship internationally, so if you’re outside of Singapore (or even bored in the office on a Monday afternoon!) you can still make buy something gorgeous from RK.

But if you are in Singapore, I’d urge you to pay a visit to Roccoco Kent. I think part of its charm is the cozyness and the obscure location of this newly-opened shop which feels more like a home than a shop. Well I know that I just wanted to settle down for the night anyway, just so I could wake up next to that gorgeous Cartier bag.

Roccoco Kent is on 753 North Bridge Road #02-02, but the entrance is via Jalan Kledek. You can find more and browse on their website or get the latest news from their Facebook page. The store is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12noon to 8pm and on Sunday from 1pm to 6pm.

Much more to see in this tiny shopping heaven and everything is for sale!