Wednesday 15 August 2012

Singapore lounge-wear label Les Affaires: Go to bed and wake up with style

If you ask me, sleepwear is so underrated. I mean just because people on the street don’t get to see us in them, it doesn’t mean that an old t-shirt and a pair of worn out shorts should constitute what we go to bed with.

When I say sleepwear I’m not talking about lingerie though. I’m sure all my female readers will nod their head in agreement when I say that while sexy, lacy underwear is definitely not comfortable enough to drift off in.

So why are we so attached to the 10 year old t-shirt? The argument is always that nightwear is supposed to be comfortable, not fashionable. But what if both were combined?

Luckily, a new Singaporean label, Les Affaires has taken it upon themselves to convert the doubters and is showing us that practical and stylish loungewear does have a place in our closets.

Some of Les Affaires designs can be easily mistaken for daywear
like this gathered dress which I would team with a necklace and
sandals to pop out and run my errands around the neighborhood!

Les Affaires is a French-inspired sleepwear (or more appropriately loungewear) label which understands that while comfort is essential at home, it does not have to be on the expense of style. And on the other hand that while satin and silk slips are sexy and beautiful, most of the women won’t feel comfortable wearing them around all day – especially in Asia where a lot of people live with their parents and families, sometimes even after they get married.

Also as someone who works mainly from home, I find Les Affairs’ concept relevant in my daily life where it’s always a dilemma between sticking to my pajamas all day while working from my sofa, or changing into something more day-appropriate if not as comfortable.

Their philosophy is to reverse the sleepwear-inspired dressing trend and make pieces which are both functional as nightwear but look appropriate enough to wear around the house (not just the bedroom). You could even pop out outside and run simple errands around the neighborhood in some cases if you wanted to.

Inspired by the ‘Swan Lake’ ballet, Les Affaires latest Fall/Holiday 12 collection combines elegant designs and cute silhouettes in light and dark shades representing the innocence and purity of the White Swan in the first and the sensual sophisticated aura of the mysterious Black Swan.

Believe it or not, there are even tutus in the collection! Not that it is recommended for sleep but it actually looks quite cute when teamed with the simple romper and transforms you into a ballerina in the comfort of your own home.

My favourite pieces are the most versatile ones like the simple cotton dress with lace tiered sleeves which I could team with leggings for my grocery shopping or wear alone while working at home. And the gathered drape dress which can be worn as is at home or teamed with a necklace and a pair of heels for a casual brunch with friends.

Not  so much to sleep but I love this dress and would wear it for a
party :-)

On the other hand I do love the more sensual pieces with lace insets like the cute rompers and tank dresses. Items like the multi-purpose wrap are also so versatile and can go over practically everything.

The understated style is not the only thing which makes Les Affaires pieces tick. It is also the material, the attention to detail AND the surprisingly affordable prices.

So this evening when you get ready for bed and pull out that decade old tent of a nightshirt think about Les Affaires. S$50 is all it would take for you to be super comfortable, and look super cute at the same time. Men, you can point it out when your wife comes to bed – but you may have to be a bit more diplomatic!!!

Les Affaires flagship boutique is located in Wisma Atria, #03-09/10, Orchard Road. You can also buy it online on