Thursday 9 August 2012

MAX.TAN Exclusive: SS13 max.tan collection and behind the scenes at fashion shows

Happy National Day!

While a lot of us (including non-Singaporean residents) are celebrating this day on the little red dot itself and enjoying a day off work, one Singaporean is being a busy bee – and all for a good reason.

One of the most known local designers outside Asia is Max Tan. Ever since he emerged on the fashion scene a few years ago, Max has been going from strength to strength and with 2 labels under his belt (max.tan and Liquid), it is safe to say that he’s established a name for himself outside of this island and his designs been shown on international runways (guess what, he’ll even be showing in New York next month!)

So what is Max doing today? Well he’s currently in Copenhagen, taking part in the VISION tradeshow for few days and the debuting his max.tan SS13 collection at his first Solo fashion show on the 12th as part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week. That’s not all, straight after, Max is flying to Koh Samui  (Thailand) for the prestigious and highly exclusive Nikki Beach Fashion and Lifestyle Weekend where he’s doing another show – this time he’s showing Liquid and will be the opening show (on the 18th).

With a lot of parties and preparations in between, Max must be a very busy and stressed man – but nonetheless he decided to share his experience with all his fans back home – exclusively through Bonjour Singapore (yay!).

Exclusive look at the new max.tan SS13 collection
max.tan SS13 collection images, released for the first time here :-)
Keep reading to see them all...

I cannot express how delighted I am especially that I’m the first to release the max.tan SS13 collection images (yup you’re looking at them!) and later next week will release his Liquid SS13 collection too when it’s showing at Koh Samui!

I’ll also be posting behind the scenes updates from Max himself who’s snapping some photos and sharing day to day happenings with me. I think it’s a great idea and tends to get the ‘designer world’ closer to people, enabling us to share what he is experiencing and what it is like to be a designer, travelling the world and showing your work.

So before I start the twice a day updates (starting today, at 8pm and 1am), I thought I’d share with you some non-released before images of max.tan collection and tell you more about it.

Exclusive look at the new max.tan SS13 collection
Max's new collection is much softer and feminine than his usually
androgynous style. I might finally be able to pull it off ;-)

Exclusive look at the new max.tan SS13 collection
Love how simple yet full of small interesting details this look is.

max.tan SS13 collection

Black dress from the new max.tan SS13 collection
One of my favourite pieces of max.tan SS13! I would ditch the leggings
thogh and show some leg instead ;-)

Perhaps the softest I’ve seen from Max Tan so far, this collection entitled Utopia which was shown at AFF a few months back plays on drapes and pleats and uses a contrast of colour and material to create some edgy soft looks.

Max took inspiration from American architect and artist Lebbeus Woods’ ideas and illustrations on Utopian ideals - and his work which combines metal, wood and conflicting shapes and textures. This concept which represents the chaotic order in nature is transformed into garments where it is more of quest to find how Utopia in fashion is best represented: by returning to basic forms or by constantly evolving to create the ‘perfect’ form each season.

These ideas are represented especially through details where in one look, a collar shape becomes pockets and unnecessary details are removed. I love how focused the whole collection looks and the theme behind it make it even stronger and is a proof that fashion isn’t about making ‘pretty’ things but rather an art form in which designers express ideas and people embrace them.

Basics from the new max.tan SS13 collection
Back to basic form...

Basics with a twist from the new max.tan SS13 collection
With a twist!

Great collar detail in the new max.tan SS13 collection
Max worked on evolving some details like this collar which doubles
as pockets! Love it!

Extreme jumpsuit from Singapore label max.tan's SS13 collection
Ummm probably the most extreme piece in this collection... kudos to
those who are willing to give it a try!

The mix of this unusual 'wooden' texture with sleek white and minimal
design translate the collection's concept so well!

I especially love the flowing and light pieces which look easy to wear yet have strong silhouettes and character. And I admit some of the garments like the brown wood-like texture pieces are not for everyone but this is where Max Tan stays true to his style and design philosophy by pushing the boundaries of fashion.

You like it? Stay tuned to see what Max is up to next and watch this space to see the Liquid SS13 collection next week!

Keep updated on Max’s journey in Copenhagen and Koh Samui  by checking this constantly-updated post here.

Black and gold from Singapore label max.tan in their SS13 collection
The edginess of this piece makes a contrast with some of the lighter
pieces above! yest works with the same theme very well.

Classic max.tan draping from the Singapore label's SS13 collection
This is classical Max.Tan! The drapes and shape, except maybe for the colour.

Love the contrast in geometric minimal shape of the top and the draped
bottom which make a great combination.

Classic max.tan draping from the Singapore label's SS13 collection