Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My fashion icon of 2011: Fan Bing Bing

It’s been a long time since I’ve been inspired by a celebrity’s red carpet style. Whether at Cannes or the Oscars, every year I see the same risk-free gowns worn by the same people who look ‘pretty’ but lack the WOW factor.

The only celebrity I’ve been interested to see her red carpet appearances was Tilda Swinton. Not that I’m a fan of her baggie eccentric dresses but I respect her individual sense of style and her risk-taking which is a breath of fresh air in the lookalike Hollywood crowd.

However, this year I do have a fashion hero who - unlike Tilda Swinton - would definitely have her closet raided by me. And she is none other the beautiful Chinese actress and singer Fan Bing Bing.

Fan Bing Bing pulling off an impossible look in head-to-toe Louis
Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week

Believe it or not, the 30-year old has never starred in a Hollywood movie yet she has fast become the toast of the fashion world for her impeccable fashion sense.

Ever since she started appearing on the international red carpets and fashion shows in 2010, Fan Bing Bing became the fascination of style watchers and photographers who barely knew who she was, and the year 2011 cemented her title as the ultimate style icon – at least for me.

And looking oh-so-chic in Dior...

... with a twist of course!

From haute couture Elie Saab gowns to dazzling Louis Vuitton, throughout this year Bing Bing looked sensational in everything she put on because she added something unique to her looks and  seemed to be having fun with it.

But my favourite look has to be the Chinese-inspired red embroided dress by upcoming Chinese Designer (her stylist) Chris Bu Kewen which she wore to Cannes. It reminded me of a Dior couture dress which I’ve kept a picture of for years, dreaming I would wear something like it one day. It looked flawless on her and proved that nothing is over-the-top when you’re comfortable and confident in your own skin.

My favourite Fan Bing Bing look of the year at Cannes Film Festival,
a dress designed by her stylist... just stunning!

And looking gorgeous in lime Oscar de la Renta gown...

And in a dress by Lebanese designer Elie Saab whose delicate
designs look perfect on her petite frame

What I also love about Fan Bing Bing, is that even when she’s wearing an elegant nude Elie Saab dress (at his show in Paris), she adds a unique and personal touch which makes her stand out. In this case, it was the embroided matching headgear and bold choice of gold accessories.

Wearing Elie Saab again with a matching turban at his show in Paris. 

The list of her stunning fashion moments goes on and on so I will leave the pictures to speak for themselves.

Meanwhile the rise of Fan Bing Bing as an international fashionista proves again that the future of fashion might lie in the East. Other Asian stars who made good impressions for their red carpet fashion choices include the stunning Michelle Yoah and Zhang Ziyi who despite having more traditional taste, still looked elegant in every appearance and showed Hollywood that classic doesn’t have to be boring.

Bring on 2012! Forget about the Bling, and concentrate on the Bing.

Looking colourful but still elegant in this stunning Jason Wu at Tokyo
Film Festival last month
Now you know why she's my fashion hero... just love this unusual look
on her which shows she's not afraid to take risks...

Yet again looking classic in another Elie Saab gown

Love this more laid-back Marc Jacobs look on her too...

And a stunning ruffled Versace at Cannes this year.

Take note: this is how Versace for H&M should be worn! can't get edgier than this
and still look amazing.

Zhang Ziyi (in Christian Dior) and Michelle Yoah (in Elie Saab) look equally
stunning - if not as interesting as Bing Bing - in their classic glamorous red carpet style.