Monday 3 September 2012

Hadasity: Hand made statement jewellery from Singapore

When it comes to accessories, for me it’s go big or go home!

But even those people who prefer more dainty and classic pieces, they probably still agree that the more unique, spontaneous and preferably hand crafted the piece is – the better.

It's ironic that despite Singapore's leaning towards minimalist style, there seems to be a great deal of home-grown interesting and unique jewellery labels, one of which happens to fit right into my style–Hadasity.

I first came across this label at Soon Lee boutiquein Haji Lane and fell in love with the colourful and unpredictable pieces mostly assembled from vintage trinkets and wires. Recently I got a chance to meet Hadassah Lau, the extremely talented woman who designs and handcrafts every single piece at a Hadasity event to launch their new September collection.

Singapore jewellery label Hadasity
One of Hadasity's unique and stunning necklaces! So random
but beautiful...

Hadassah - founder of Hadasity jewellery label
Hadassah is as bubbly as her creations and clearly loves
her craft!

Each piece I looked at was more beautiful than the other and the fact that each is a one-off unique design, adds to their beauty and value. I seriously couldn’t believe it when Hadassah told me that she makes every single piece herself, guided by her intuition and starting with the colours of the stones or the vintage pieces she has.

Sourced from vintage shops in New York, Hadassah distinctive brooches and pendants then removes the part she wants to use in her creation and gives it a new life as she complements it with other elements and transforms it into a stunning statement necklace or bangle.

Here, it’s all about creativity and the art of making and crafting – not copying as it would be impossible to recreate any piece exactly as is.

Colourful jewellery from Singapore's hadasity

Colourful jewellery from Singapore's hadasity

Hadasity is available in Singapore's trendy Haji Lane

Hadasity is available in Singapore's trendy Haji Lane

Statement piece from Singapore label Hadasity

The only downside of this is – a big dilemma when choosing one piece over another. But it also forces you to admire the small details in every design and all the components which are randomly assembled to create a beautiful work of art, and a wearable one for that!

Needless to say, my favourites are the big showstopper necklaces (starting at S$198) from the outlandish Haddasah collection. My photos sadly don’t translate their beauty and sparkle in full. But I also love the slightly smaller pieces like the stackable cuffs (S$58) and more classic but still interesting designs which are under the ‘Talitha’ collection – Talitha being Hadassah’s sister who prefers more understated designs and happens to be her muse for this collection.

Colourful hand made necklace from Singapore's Hadasity

Colourful hand made necklace from Singapore's Hadasity
Hadassah is also an embodiment of her work and designs. She is bubbly, smiling and clearly passionate about what she does – something without which, Hadasity wouldn’t be as special and inspiring as it is.

So if you’re looking for that special and unique accessory – whether outlandish, experimental or classic with a twist - to complement your simple dress and set you apart from the crowd, this is the label you want to look at.

Hadasity’s full collections are stocked online at and Hadassah also takes custom orders if you contact her by email. Selected designs also available at Soon Lee on 73 Haji Lane and at Muse #02-16 Pacific Plaza on 9 Scotts Road.

Rings and earrings from Singapore's Hadasity

Rings and earrings from Singapore's Hadasity