Monday 19 December 2011

Celebrating 5 years of DEPRESSION… the label

It was obvious on Saturday evening that those people who turned out en masse for DEPRESSION party weren’t there for the free drinks, food, goodie bags or to show off. People seemed to genuinely love the label itself and who can blame them for that!

The event was one of the very few I’ve been to where people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Almost everybody was in black-and-white, the trademark colours of the label (read more about it here). Of course I had some colour on me (duh!) but still, even my glittery floral jacket failed to alienate me from the rest of the crowd who were super friendly.

As a newcomer on the fashion blogging scene, the warm welcome from the designers, fellow bloggers and familiar faces from previous events was the best part. I wouldn’t imagine something like this happening in any other city especially when the international ‘fashion crowd’ has always been known to be a bit snobbish and highly competitive.

From the guys welcoming us at the door to the designers themselves, fellow bloggers and fans of the label, everybody was smiling and up for a chat. Even the local celebrity Ernest Seah, whom I was introduced to at the event was surprisingly down to earth, chatty and very funny; especially when joking about how his colourful shirt made him stand out from the crowd (yes I wasn’t the only one!)

Even the DJ (Peter) looked super cool (and was so sweet!) at the party

Fellow blogger Debbie ( and the
fabulous David rocking the same DEPRESSION shirt

It was truly refreshing. And the more people I spoke to from dancers to fashion enthusiasts the more I understood the appeal of DEPRESSION. It is not only the great distinctive clothes that they make, but also the story behind their label which other young Singaporean artists can identify with; breaking up with the corporate world which occupies most of the country to follow your passion is certainly not easy here. However, after 5 years, Kenny and Andrew have certainly no regrets and they became an inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps.

What I personally respect about these guys is that they didn’t compromise their identity to sell clothes. They stuck to their edgy style and instead of toning it down to get more mainstream appeal, they understood their niche market and provided these like-minded people with a refreshing alternative to the boring and highly trend-driven highstreet looks.

Hubby is eyeing this t-shirt.... are you there Santa ;-)?

Meanwhile between the meets and greets, I managed to get hold of Kenny and ask him about the new collection ‘Birth Defects’ which is meant to celebrate imperfections. This is the first DEPRESSION collection which had a shoe range as well, so I was intrigued to know the reason behind this. According to Kenny, during the past seasons, it was hard to get hold of shoes which complemented their clothes and the look they were going for, so naturally developing a footwear range was an answer to that. But instead of just serving a purpose, the shoes turned out to be the highlight of the collection instead, and the designers are thinking of producing another one for their next collection.

Anyways, I’ll leave you now with few snaps from the event and if Kenny manages to convince me that I can pull off those backless oxfords, I’m getting them tomorrow ;-)

Depression has outlets at Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A and Millenia Walk Parco #P2-21

Can anyone see me wearing these gorgeous shoes?
I'm undecided yet!

Adam modeling a FIERCE bow tie and big lips (it's a brooch BTW!)

With my fashionista buddy and awesome stylist David.
My outfit for the night: Rare jacket from ASOS, Topshop Unique skirt,
Topshop envelope clutch and Jimmy Choo booties!