Sunday 4 December 2011

All I want for Christmas is… The Cobbler red suede wedges ala Alexander McQueen

Although I am guilty of having spent well over S$1,000 for a pair of shoes on few occasions, this doesn’t mean that I don’t like a good bargain as well!

I have been coveting these beautiful red suede wedges from Alexander McQueen for a while now, but with other people to buy gifts for at this time of the year, I had to search for a better value option.

Namely the ‘Scarlet Suede Audacity Wedges’ from online Singaporean label The Cobbler.

From left: Alexander McQueen wedges v/s The Cobbler version.

OK I’m not going to lie and say they look better (or even the same), but for this price difference (The first for S$1,195 and the second for a mere S$100 after discount) they will more than do the trick! Plus the heel is lower which means I’m more likely to wear them more often.

And the price is not the only plus in this case. The Cobbler is a local online label which makes budget, good quality, and stylish shoes (starting as low as S$20 with the current discount) and donates $S1 for Kampung Kids Foundation in Indonesia with every pair of shoes purchased.  If you think this is just a measly amount, according to the website, S$1 can help a mother buy 1kg of rice there.

Now this is what I call guilt-free shoe shopping! And in this case the more the merrier!!
So what are you waiting for? I’m a size 36 by the way ;)

The Cobbler shoes are available online at  They do free next-day delivery inside Singapore and they also ship internationally for a small fee.

I know they're not the same but not bad a deal is it?