Wednesday 6 February 2013

Bonjour Beirut: Sarah's Bag 2013 collection

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you probably know by now that if I'm a big fan of one designer or label, I'm not shy to shout out loud about it. Not just once, but twice and a dozen times if I feel it deserves to.

And this is specifically why I'm posting again about my favourite Lebanese label Sarah's Bag who not just only makes gorgeous clutches and accessories but does that for a good cause as well.

I think I've already said enough about how much I admire Sarah's Bag and its founder and creative director Sarah Beydoun so you can read all about her mission and how she started the label in this previous post.

But today, I just wanted to share with you some of the snaps I took in the label's gorgeous Beirut showroom housed in a French colonial building in the city's historic Rue du Liban (Lebanon street).

I'm in love with this stunning leather clutch and its zips details! Amazing how Sarah's Bag
has been evolving its designs to come up with such creative and chic pieces as well as
crafty ones.

The stunning showroom at Rue du Liban, Gemmayzeh area in Beirut.

Stepping in the airy high-ceilinged apartment, I'm always lost on where to look first! Everything looks so pretty and colourful and this season it was no different.

While the classic staple pieces which Sarah's Bag is now famous for are re-editioned every season, some new designs with eclectic inspirations, techniques and styles are always added as well.

I was honestly stunned by some of those especially the leather clutches which make an ultimate chic statement and are a world's apart from the crafty and kitschy bags which made the label known locally and regionally.

Love love these Arabic calligraphy bags!

I love a label which sticks to what it does best but i also admire one which pushes its boundaries and is not afraid to experiment. By constantly doing that, Sarah's Bag has just proved to me once again that there is no limit to what you could do once you're honest and passionate about something.

Enough talk now. Here are some photos for you to enjoy and if you like any of the bags or want to inquire about them just drop me a line. I'm seriously considering bringing this brand to Singapore and in talks with the designer regarding that!

You can also check more designs on Sarah's Bag website and like their facebook page for constant updates.

For retro lovers too...

And a souvenir from Beirut's most famous streets!

For the nostalgic: Old Egyptian screen stars, my fav is Abdel Halim Hafez (far right)

Not many of you will get this but for someone who was brought up in Beirut, the ka3ek
(round sesame bread filled with zaatar) and the 'Bonjus' juice pyramids make up a lot
of our childhood especially as snack food sold by street vendors. These handbags look
exactly like the edible stuff!!! So many memories...

In case you didn't know, the Phoenician alphabet (on the bottom right) is the world's
first phonetic alphabet, invented of course in Lebanon! 

Probably my next purchase from Sarah's Bag is one of those graffiti embroided clutches!

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