Thursday 14 February 2013

Bonjour Singapore at London Fashion Week

When asked about my favourite fashion capital, my answer has always been London.

The city’s quirky and care-free style is much more fun and closer to mine than any of the other cities.

While New York’s is mostly chic, minimal and established, London’s runway is always bursting with cutting egde, prints, textures, colours and extravagance which reflect this city’s multi-cultural identity.

Attending London Fashion Week (LFW) has always featured heavily on my fashion bucket list. And luckily I can tick this one off long before the end approaches. The official crossing off takes place on Friday (February 15) to be precise.

I feel so incredibly lucky and excited to be able to report back from such a huge event! Trust me, I’ve been mixing and matching my wardrobe for five days straight now.

Honestly I’m not really bothered about the big shows. I mean who am I kidding? I’m not competing with Vogue or Elle who would have their expert reviews and flawless photos uploaded instantly after the show. And with today’s LIVE-streaming for shows like Burberry’s, I don’t see the point in fist-fighting to get a ticket (somewhere in the back if I was lucky!) when I can watch the show from the comfort of my own home.

So for those expecting me to cover the main big designers’ shows I’m sorry to disappoint you as I won’t even be mentioning them on this blog. I think they’re got enough publicity, big marketing teams and I won’t really be adding any value as it’s already everywhere on the fashion portals. My main focus however will be on a few selected Asian designers showing at LFW, who in my opinion deserve to be in the spotlight  – and happen to be more relevant to this blog’s ethos.

I will announce the designers later but there will be 5 of them, one of whom is Singapore’s Eugene Lin, the outspoken and extremely talented designer who was in town for Digital Fashion Week last year and whom I had the pleasure of interviewing them for this blog and LIVE during the event.

Exciting, fresh and a perhaps a little more interesting – the designers I’ll be covering all hail from Asia (Singapore, China and S. Korea) but are based in London, the city which recognized their talents best and gave them a very coveted spot at LFW. I’m hoping that introducing them to the Asia-based audience will – among other things – show the skeptics that there is indeed a lot of talent in the continent and which deserves to be recognized as much as Western designer names are.

Yay was so happy when my invite for Eugene Lin's show arrived in the post!!

Eugene took part in Digital Fashion Week, which I hosted last year!

After seeing his incredible prints for SS13, can't wait to see what
he'd come up with for this season!!!!

Apart from these 5 shows, I’ll be mostly at the side trade show and exhibitions assisting a very cool London-based-boutique in their buying decisions and checking out some of the coolest new labels around the city. Dream job I know ;-)

And I'm aware how street style-crazy people do get on fashion weeks nowadays so I’ll try my best to not disappoint and give you a peak on my outfits during the week.

Don’t expect too much though! The fact it is very cold in London at this time of year and my wardrobe consists mostly of Singapore hot weather friendly outfits is a bit of a problem. Actually more of a challenge to look fashionable on a freezing day when all you want to do is wrap yourself in a duvet cover! But well let’s see what come out of it!

Can’t wait for tomorrow! And don’t forget to watch this space for some Asian-focused LFW coverage that you won’t see anywhere else – Bonjour Singapore-style!!! 

A little teaser from some of the designers I'll be covering at LFW ;-)

To-die-for is the word....