Friday, 2 March 2012

Five of the Best: My picks from Marni for H&M collection

When H&M did the collaboration with Lanvin, I thought that was the pinnacle. I mean where do you go from there? With all due respect, Versace was a step down; more popular but definitely a step down in terms of style and quality.

Then came Marni… and now I’m kinda torn! But while Lanvin’s collection consisted mainly of party dresses, Marni has stuck steadfastly to what the brand does best: sophisticated yet wearable everyday clothes. And another plus point of this collection is the price range which is considerably lower than the previous H&M designer collaborations (the most expensive piece is S$199).

One of the reasons I love Marni for is the label’s practical approach to design; Making the everyday wardrobe interesting while also being comfortable and appropriate. But the trick to rocking Marni pieces (and especially those for H&M) is good styling! Without it, you can risk those lovely pieces looking just blah and uninspiring due to their understated cuts.

Keeping that in mind, I made my 5 picks from the Marni for H&M collection based on how well I think the pieces would look on a real person, not styled up to perfection like the model in the lookbook.

So, here’s my list for next Thursday:

This outfit is styled so well but I doubt the shiny look would be possible to pull off...
unless you are the model of course :-)

P.S I will be down on Orchard first thing in the morning, to bring you all the news of what sold out, how the crowd was and what’s left (if any) and first hand review on the pieces I manage to get! And to satisfy your curiosity even more, I’m collaborating with other bloggers around the globe to bring you updated news on how the scene was in many cities like Madrid, L.A. and New York so keep posted on March 8th.

Printed silk skirt:

Teamed with the top from the same pattern, this skirt looks easy to wear

Although I love the printed silk dress in this pattern, I picked the skirt over the dress for many reasons. First, it can be styled better and in a more versatile manner. Whether you want to team it with a plain black blouse or a t-shirt layered with a jacket… the possibilities are endless, so you can wear it more without getting bored of the look. Second, I love the cut and length which is spot on trend for this season’s 40’s inspired looks. But the best thing about it is that if you bump into someone else in the same skirt, it won’t be as obvious as the styling can transform it completely. Angry wedding reception scenes will be avoided.

The dress version which will definitely be a sell-out... yet not as
versatile compared to the skirt

Maxi printed dress

If I had to pick one dress, it would have to be this maxi multi-print one which I fell in love with the first moment it was shown in the sneak peak video! This dress is easy breezy and perfect for Singapore summer! Non-sticky and roomy, it has a beachy feel to it yet can be dressed up for an occasion with a tailored black jacket, a pair of dressy sandals and some nice accessories. Plus the cut makes it more likely to fit anyone regardless of the size, as long as they are over 155cm, to avoid drowning in it.

The necklaces

I seriously want all of them!!!! The coolest items to ever come out of Marni throughout the years are definitely the statement necklaces which they are famous for. I love that for the H&M collection, they have produced some equally stunning pieces for a fraction of the price! I’m hoping to get my hands on at least one of these beauties which will turn any simple black dress from boring to interesting. Oh and the matching earrings are also to die for!

The sequin collar necklace

I know I talked a lot about the necklaces but this is something else! I love this so on trend peterpan collar which can be added on anything from blouses to shirts and the typical round neck Marni dresses. I can’t wait to update mine with this piece which is fun, young and just too cute not to have in black or white or both!

Blue and white pattern jacket

The skirt might look a little frumpy but I love the jacket!

Jackets and the Singapore heat don’t usually get on but this cute jacket is a different story! I think it is the most appropriate for the weather in this part of the world, made of light material and with ¾ sleeves, it might be just the perfect piece to layer over a dress or t-shirt skirt combo when things get chillier or when trawling the freezing malls!

I love the colour which could work as this summer’s replacement for black and goes with almost anything. I also love the cut which is flattering for most body types.  

That’s one more thing I love about this Marni collaboration, they’ve made pieces which can work on most body types and not just skinny models like Versace’s tiny dresses proved to be (just look at how awfully unfitthis dress make me look!!).

P.S. I didn’t do my men’s picks this time since I really found it underwhelming compared to the women’s and a little on the cheap side quality-wise. So sorry guys but I honestly much preferred Lanvin’s collection in that sense… anyways better luck next time, who knows you might hit the jackpot if they collaborate with Paul Smith! (I seriously doubt that though :-))

Again, good styling can make any combination possible :-)