Wednesday 7 March 2012

Q&A with.... Me! From Fashion Studio Magazine

Forgive my self indulgence - but I'm quite excited about this.

I've just had an interview published with international website Fashion Studio Magazine. This online fashion site was launched in NYC just over a year ago and now operates in London, Toronto and Singapore.

So obviously I'm excited because it will introduce Singapore fashion and designers to a more global audience.

The focus of my post today :)

I'm doubly excited because there will be a photo shoot to come in the next few weeks. I'll publish a little bit of the interview but you should really visit their website for the full thing. 
And while I'm at it. You can read what I've been up to in
the media section of the blog.

Extracts from the interview: 

FASHION STUDIO: What would you say about the fashion scene in Singapore? What makes it different from other countries? 

RANA: I think it is still developing in general. There are a lot of great young designers and labels, which is very inspiring. What’s interesting is that there doesn’t seem to have been a natural scene and that the government has done a great job in encouraging people to go into the creative industries. But what Singapore’s fashion scene needs now is for the local people to throw their weight behind it. There still isn’t a groundswell of people actively seeking out and supporting local designers and labels. 

As for the way people dress, in general they don’t seem to put much effort. The Singapore uniform of hot pants/T-shirts and black dresses still dominate. However the ones who do make an effort, do it very stylishly and effortlessly. 

FASHION STUDIO: Who is your favourite local designer? 

RANA: I like a lot of them but the ones that are closer to my style are Noël Caleb, Mae Pang and Yumumu. However the ones that blew me away where the two young designers behind a new label called LION EARL which is yet to be launched this April. Having seen the samples at a preview, I predict their work is going to take the fashion world by storm as it is like nothing I’ve seen in the region so far; it is more couture than ready-made and simply breathtaking!