Friday 4 November 2011

SingStyle: Fashion is another universal language!

It just happened this week that the two people whose style caught my attention were in a hurry (and not able to communicate as well in English) as to give me the information I needed and allow me to snap a better shot of them. So, apart from their names, the only thing I know about Kai and Yiga is that they’ve got style and they had to be in SingStyle regardless!


Kai, a Malaysian hair stylist rocks the men’s draping style, whether it’s his harem-style shorts or his cool t-shirt. I love the way his hi-tops and super cool man-bag (which I suspect carries his styling tools and thus comes in handy as well!) complete the whole super trendy look. For those who may question the lack of colour in Kai’s outfit, I actually think he’s got it right. With edgy cuts like that, the only way to pull of such a look and avoid being over-the-top is to stay simple when it comes to colour. The dash of dark grey in the t-shirt adds just enough to balance what would have been an all-black ensemble.


As for Yiga, I think she looks adorable! Don’t get me wrong, I would never dare to copy her look for one good reason: I know it only looks good on very few people and mainly Asian girls with their doll-like poker straight hair and delicate features. In most of the other cases, it just looks wrong and would be very hard to pull off for anyone past their teen years. I love the Peter Pan collar (very on trend right now) and the fact that the long sleeves balance the very short length of the dress. The choice of shoes is spot on as well and adds a ‘boyish’ feel to this otherwise too-girly look. The hat and the messenger bag complete this cute look which would never have worked if Yiga wasn’t feeling totally comfortable in. she makes it look too easy! As for my advice, I’d say copy with care to avoid a serious mutton dressed as lamb situation.