Tuesday 29 November 2011

It’s not Tom Ford: H&M announces its next collaboration with Italian label Marni

It couldn’t be further in style and approach than Versace, and yet the Milan Fashion Week highlight label Marni is going to be the next designer brand to collaborate with the highstreet giant H&M.

Personally I’m ecstatic! Yes Tom Ford (who was being heavily tipped by fashion writers despite being ultra-luxury and limited in womenswear terms) is sleek and stylish but Marni is much more fun and most of all wearable!

It’s one of those labels like Marc Jacobs and Prada which built a reputation on being bold, full of patterns and colours; in other words, ‘out-there’ yet sophisticated.

Marni's colourful patterns and relaxed cuts are definitely
not to miss!

I’ve always been in love with Marni’s fun yet chic ensembles and most of all chunky shoes and accessories. It’s bold, tasteful and practical. So what’s not to like.

Unlike Donatella Versace, Marni’s Designer Consuelo Castiglioni never relied on showing too much skin or clingy barely-there dresses to create a sex appeal in her label. It has always been more grown up and confident. For that I think we will find fewer spoiled students and more working women queuing up for this collection.

I'm already in love with this outfit as shown in a snapshot
of the announcement video...

And this necklace is on my list from now!!!

Castiglioni works her magical styling on the menswear model

Another ensemble shown in the video.

How well will it go in Singapore?  Judging by the fact that even the most shocking of Versace’s collection was almost sold out within hours here, I think the more accessible styling of the Italian label will fit snugly with this island’s less dressy crowd. That is providing the collection isn’t too full of the knitwear that its winter collections are famed for.

But the good news comes with the collaboration release date of March 2012 which puts it in the territory of summer collections.

Marni's latest collection for Spring Summer 2012 has won the fashionistas
over in Milan last September. It's just so beautiful and chic!

And Marni's famed statement necklaces are to die for...

Who needs Jimmy Choos next to these Marni bold beauties.

Personally speaking, while I avoided the Versace madness I think I’ll be joining the queue from the night before for this one. I’m excited that they’ve chosen a classy collaborator after the garish Choo and Versace tie-ups which appealed more to the ‘look at me’ generation.

If for nothing else, I will definitely make a point of fighting for the accessories, which will be stunning if the short video they’ve released to coincide with the announcement is an accurate indicator.