Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Singapore fashion label Yumumu's interesting take on minimalism

I have never been a big fan of minimalism. Not in art and definitely not in fashion! It’s simply not me.

For some reason, last season’s big trend which consisted of crisp shirts, dresses and trousers with minimal details just looked wrong when I tried them on, say at places like Zara. It might have been the fabric which was stiff and didn’t drape, or the ‘too-clean’ style which looked messy when teamed with my unruly hair and less than angular features. It certainly looked much better on the short-haired model although not as flattering as well.

However I have recently spotted an outfit, from the cool Singaporean label Yumumu, which has won me over and made me want to try the trend while staying true to my style.

Love it! Yumumu's top and skirt/trouser look
understated yet not remotely bland.

What I love about this outfit, which is designed by the talented Lu Yilin, is the fluidity of the fabric and the soft draping which elevates the look to be more edgy and interesting unlike the pieces which look like shapeless bed sheets.

The silk georgette tank top (SG$149) is simple and flattering especially with its athletic-inspired neckline which shows off the arms instead of drowning them in.

As for the harem half-skirt half-trouser (S$199), I think is it one of the coolest yet understated pieces I’ve seen. Love the draping and the slightly-shiny fabric which adds a dimension to the piece and make it stand out despite being black.

It might have looked cool on the waif-like model, but this Zara dress would look
unflattering on anyone with the slightest curves (or rounded cheeks!)

Hmmm.... chic? boring? Just not my cup of tea!

Most of all, I think what made this outfit appeal to me is its feminine cut. I know that with my features and hair I can never pull off a crisp shapeless shirt then why try? So it’s safe to say this is as minimal as I would go. And between you and me, I think I’d wear it with super bright shoes, that’s me after all!

Where to find it: Yumumu showroom is located at Parco NextNext. Other stockists are: ANTIPODEAN, BLACK MARKET and THE SOCIETY OFBLACK SHEEP