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Friday 4 November 2011

SingStyle: Fashion is another universal language!

It just happened this week that the two people whose style caught my attention were in a hurry (and not able to communicate as well in English) as to give me the information I needed and allow me to snap a better shot of them. So, apart from their names, the only thing I know about Kai and Yiga is that they’ve got style and they had to be in SingStyle regardless!


Thursday 27 October 2011

SingStyle: A splash of colour and vintage

Name: Aurora Kessler
Occupation: Public Relations
Dress: Anthropologie
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Necklace and ring: From India
Best place to shop in Singapore: Little India
How do you describe your style: I am drawn to fashion that is feminine and colourful with ethnic flair
Your style inspiration: Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Rajasthani women with their amazing colour pairings
You fashion/style tip: Play your strengths

Mixing designer, vintage and ethnic, Aurora’s look is just spot on:  Love colourful yet grown-up print of the dress which complements her skin tone and looks effortlessly elegant. The simple hair bun also goes perfectly with the outfit, leaving the attention to this eye-catching dress, and gives it her a Grace Kelly twist. As for that gorgeous black vintage bag, all I can say is I’m really jealous! It is the wow factor and key item in Aurora’s look which lifted it from being any printed dress/heels combo to interesting, dressy and elegant.
So ladies, take it from Aurora and spice up your wardrobe with colourful prints because you still can look elegant if you’re not wearing black from head to toe.

Saturday 22 October 2011

SingStyle: Trendsetters on the island

You've all heard about the Satorialist (if you haven't then beat yourself around the head with your Choos!), well this is my Singaporean version of it! I'm here to show everyone that when it comes to fashion, Singaporeans have style and attitude.

I'll be carrying my camera around the streets of Singapore and snapping people with standout style.

This means there won't be any jeans or hotpants-wearing people in my edition (unless it is revolutionist!), so only ladies and gents with super stylish, original and most importantly individual looks will make it to Sing Style.

Name: Andrew Tay
Age: 30
Occupation: Men’s Fashion Designer
Outfit: All from his own collection (Chota at Illuma)
Shoes: Red Wings
Your style in 3 words: Depends on mood
Favourite shopping outlet: CineLeisure in Orchard
Style tip for the guys: Be more adventurous!
Andrew’s look screams attitude and individuality. Not just that he designed the clothes, but also his cross-body bag, funky hair style (some serious mullet!) and those glasses are just so cool! The key to this look is the oversized t-shirt peeking through which adds extra depth to the ensemble. The perfect answer to the challenge of layering in Singapore’s humidity.

Name: Justin Quek
Age: 31
Occupation: Store manager, Ninos Felices
Outfit: All from Ninos Felices, Cathay Mall
Your style in 3 words: simple, neat and sharp
Favourite shopping outlet: The Cathay mall and Haji Lane
Style tip for the guys: Add more colour!
Justin Quek works the tailored shorts with shirt combo (which is not uncommon with trendy Singaporeans now) but the splashes of colour in the belt, watch and shoes give it an extra twist. He owns it! What makes the outfit work is the colour/formality clash in the shoes which complements the short/shirt combination. If you’re going to rock this look you should pay particular attention to the shoes.

If you like what Andrew and Justin are wearing, make sure you keep checking the blog. I will be featuring both local boutiques (Chota and Ninos Felices) in future posts very soon!! Watch this space!