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Monday, 21 May 2012

Living a Model Life: Backstage at the Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore

Ever since the guys at hip Singapore street-wear label MASH UP asked me to walk the runway at their Audi Fashion Festival show I had been anticipating this moment. May 19 was a big day!

This was probably going to be the most exciting thing I’d done in my life. I mean, seriously, how many chances do ordinary people get to walk a real life catwalk, in front of well over 1,000 people?

So you can imagine just how crestfallen I was when Thursday came around. My eye went red, and basically closed. I was stood in the street, helpless, waiting for my husband to come and pick me up.

Can you spot my red eye?? Practicing the pose I never gave...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Max Tan fashion film Crane Wife wins award

You may remember a while back that I wrote about Singapore label Max Tan's releasing a short fashion film to accompany their latest collection.

Well I'm pleased to report that 'Crane Wife' has already won an award.

The Allysa Sing directed short won the originality prize at the Very Short International Film Festival held here in Singapore.

Crane Wife from strangexperiments on Vimeo.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Mash-Up on the catwalk at Audi Fashion Festival (Video)

If you read my Facebook page (and if you don't shame on you, here is the link now go and like) then you'll know today was a very special day for me.

Never in my wildest dreams would I consider myself model material, so when new Singapore label Mash-Up asked if I would walk the runway for their show at Audi Fashion Festival I was totally speechless.

Was I a good catwalk model? Probably not, but I couldn't help smiling.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Audi Star Creation Finalists’ Showdown and announcing the winners

After 6 weeks of posting twice a week interviews with the 12 finalists of Audi Star Creation, I was excited to finally see their sketches transformed to reality on the runway.
In fact as each collection came down the runway I felt as if I knew the designer and the clothing intimately.

But in the end it was a competition and there had to be winners and losers.

The winners were announced at the end of the show and they were Roderic Wong from China, Soravit Kaewkamon from Thailand and Ko Youngji from South Korea. And there was also a People’s Choice Award which went to Natalia Kiantoro from Indonesia.

Do they look familiar? If you've been reading the interviews
on this blog, then you've probably seen the sketches!

The winners of Star Creation: Ko Youngji, Roderic Wong andSoravit Kaewkamon  

Monday, 14 May 2012

5 things to watch for during Singapore’s ultimate week of fashion

The biggest week in the Singapore fashion calendar is upon us and I cannot hide my excitement! Unless you’ve been living a in a bubble you probably know that two huge fashion events are happening this week. That is, the Blueprint tradeshow and emporium (i.e. shopping heaven!) and the Audi Fashion Festival.

Naturally the mainstream media are wetting themselves over the fact Thierry Mugler’s creative director (and Lady Gaga’s stylist) Nicola Formichetti will be in town and opening the fashion week. Big names like Zac Posen and Roland Mouret will be also showcasing. That’s huge news for Singapore, but what I’m really most looking forward to, are the shows and events where local and other Asian designers will be given the runway to show what they’ve got.

Raoul, one of the most successful Singapore - and now international
label - will be among those showcasing at AFF

Friday, 11 May 2012

Mother and Child project: The ultimate Mother's Day gift

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and as much as it is the day to show our moms how much we love them, it should also be a day to think about those mothers who are less privileged than we are.

So instead of running and getting your mom that LV bag that you’ve been coveting (just so you can borrow it!), why not look for something simple and more meaningful this year?

If you need any ideas, then I’ve done the work for you and discovered this little store which I think many of us should support especially for this occasion.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the 12th finalist Vincent Wong from Malaysia

Perhaps unusual but Malaysian finalist Vincent Wong draws inspiration for his collection from religion. Entitled ‘Confession of Sins’, the collection is entirely in white and reflects the 21-year old’s reflection on concepts like purity and cleanliness. Read to find out more about his inspiration below.

Name of designer: Vincent Wong (Malaysia)
Age: 21
Name of Collection: Confession of Sins

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I first heard about Audi Star Creation two years ago, when fellow Malaysian Daniel Ngoo took one of the three top spots and the Audi Young Designer Award. Seeing Daniel’s success made me feel that the competition is an excellent opportunity for young designers to stand on the international stage.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the 11th finalist Tatsuya Tsukahara from Japan

The only Japanese finalist of the competition is Tatsuya Tsukahara whose collection stands out for its'unusual shapes and textures. The 24-year old’s collection ‘Braiding’ takes on traditional Japanese weaving techniques to a new level. Read what the designer has to say about it.

Designer Name : Tatsuya Tsukahara (Japan)
Age: 24
Collection Name: Braiding

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I first heard about the competition last year when I took part in the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix, where I won the Workmanship prize. However, I only decided to join the competition when I heard about it again from my friend, Hiroyuki Watanabe, who was the Star Creation 2011 Audi Young Designer Award winner. It was a big challenge as this was only five days before the submission deadline, but I managed to draw on my five years of fashion education and sheer determination to finish conceptualising and designing my competition collection on time.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Threadbare & Squirrel: Haven for Singapore Designers

From the strapline of my blog, you would have guessed that Haji Lane is one of my favourite parts of town. No, not because of the sheesha cafes but the cool independent shophouse-boutiques which give this tiny alley its quirky and laid-back atmosphere – unlike lookalike malls-infested Orchard Road.

But despite the street’s unique indie character, I was disappointed on a recent visit when I saw more boutiques selling generic blogshop-type clothes than the local designers and unique finds, which made this street popular in the first place.

Only a handful of shops remain true to what this independent shopping heaven stands for – one of them is Threadbare and Squirrel, a multi-label boutique which has recently relocated to the adjacent Bali Lane to distinguish itself from the clone shops which are increasing day by day on the stretch of Haji and everywhere else in the city.

Display of the newly-stocked local labels at Threadbare & Squirrel: A.K.A. Wayward,
LION EARL, Primary and ZAAK.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the 10th finalist Soravit Kaewkamon from Thailand

The only unisex collection of the competition came from Thailand-based designer Soravit Kaewkamon. The collection ‘Love and Friendship’ is inspired by the hornbill as it is the symbol of friendship and the designs are so versatile that they can be worn by both men and women. Read what the designer had to say about her collection.

Soravit Kaewkamon

Name of designer: Soravit Kaewkamon (Thailand)
Age: 23
Name of Collection: Love and Friendship

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I heard about the competition last year from my lecturer from Silpakorn University, Asst. Prof. Namfon Laisattrukai, who taught me Decorative Arts. After completing my education and gaining experience from other competitions, like winning the top prize at SINGHA LIFE 2011, I think I am ready to take on Audi Star Creation 2012.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the 9th finalist Natalia Kiantoro from Indonesia

The only Indonesian finalist of Audi Star Creation is Natalia Kiantoro, 22, who was inspired by twisted objects for her collection ‘Tangled’. Read to find out what she has to say about the competition and her design approach.

Name of designer: Natalia Kiantoro (Indonesia)               
Age: 22
Name of Collection: Tangled

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I heard about Audi Star Creation from my lecturers, Liz Thng and Gulbarshin Karaulova at Raffles Design Institute (Shanghai). Last year, there was also a huge poster of 2011 winner, Chen Zhi Gang, in the school foyer, after he won the competition. Thanks to the guidance of my lecturers, I feel that I am good enough and have the qualities of a real fashion designer. I want to show my abilities to everyone through the competition.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the eighth finalist Ling Siu Gin from Malaysia

Today’s Q&A is with finalist Ling Siu Gin from Malaysia whose collection ‘Manimal’ drew inspiration from two music videos, ‘Lions in Cages’ by Wolf Gang and “Paradise’ by Coldplay. Read on to find out how her fantasy-like collection came together.

Finalist Ling Sui Gin from Malaysia

Name of designer: Ling Siu Gin (Malaysia)
Age: 21
Name of Collection: Manimal

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I heard about Audi Star Creation from my lecturer, Ronney Henry, from Raffles Design Institute (Kuala Lumpur). As we were designing our graduation collection, he encouraged me to give the competition a try. I saw it as a chance for me to gain experience, to find out where my design abilities stand and how far I can go.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Stunning underwater shot from Singapore photographer Cornelyus Tan

You may remember some time back I introduced you to a friend of mine who I billed as an up and coming young photographer.

Well it seems that young Cornelyus Tan has already upped and moved on from doing shoots to help promote bloggers who have zero modelling skills :-)

Take a look at this photo that he shot in the pool in my building over the weekend. The shoot (which was a collaboration with Leonard Chua from Pix Story) wasn't for a label so it has nothing to do with anything that I'd ordinarily be interested in promoting.

I was just amazed at the beautiful picture that emerged from the session and wanted to share it with you all.

A Siamese fighting fish/mermaid hybrid in my swimming pool!

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the 7th finalist Liang Wang from China

The only finalist from China is 27-year old Roderic Wong who was inspired by human anatomy for his collection ‘Tissue of Being’. One thing which Roderic stands proud of is his manipulation of fabric and unusual textures he chose to use. See what this aspiring designer has to say about his collection.

Name of designer: Roderic Wong (China)
Age: 27
Name of Collection: Tissue of being

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I heard about Audi Star Creation from my lecturer Liz Thng last year. She suggested that I should give it a shot. I am looking forward to show my work on the bigger stage. What’s more exciting is the one-year internship for FJ Benjamin in Singapore. The experience of living and working in such a multi-cultural country will be good for me in the long run.

Monday, 23 April 2012

EXCLUSIVE: The clouds are here, but the SS2012 Depression has lifted

I've made no secret of the fact that I think Depression is one of Singapore's best labels.

The design duo of Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh have been making waves both at home and abroad over the past year with their indefinable brand of edgy but cutesy streetwear.

Their current collection made it into the pages of Vogue and saw Black Eyed Peas superstar Taboo become their highest profile customer.

Now the brand is back with their SS2012 collection "CLOUDING OF CONSCIOUSNESS" and I've been lucky enough to have been given an exclusive sneak preview of the entire collection.

There are blue skies ahead for Singapore's Depression label

Thursday, 19 April 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the sixth finalist Ko Youngji from South Korea

Currently studying in Paris, the sixth (and the oldest) finalist of the Audi Star Creation is Ko Youngji from Korea. Youngji’s collection draws inspiration from dance and literature and translates it in a way that is personal to her experience living in Europe at the moment. Read what she has to say about this interesting collection and the story behind it.

Name of designer: Ko Youngji (South Korea)
Age: 32
Name of Collection: Li Jin

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I’m currently studying at l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in Paris. There, I learnt of the various fashion design competitions around the world and was able to look at the collections of the previous Star Creation winners through the website. It made such an impression on me that I found myself waiting for the call for entries for this year’s competition. I want be able to take part in this competition and stand on the same stage like those impressive designers did.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the fifth finalist Kim Yong-Woo from South Korea

The fifth finalist in the Audi Star Creation fashion contest is Kim Yong-Woo, whose collection takes inspiration from the concept of space and three-dimensional imagery. It's actually one of my personal favourite collections of this competition! Read on to see what he has to say about the competition and his designs.

Name of designer: Kim Yong Woo (South Korea)
Age: 27
Name of Collection: The Existence of Space

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I came across the competition while I was surfing the web with a friend during the Christmas season in 2011. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to take part. I was attracted by the lucrative prize money and opportunity to do an internship with FJ Benjamin in Singapore, if I win.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

We Want Beautiful Shoes: Party in heels, flats, pumps, shoes, shoes, shoes!!

You know someone is serious about foot candy when the company is called Surrealist Love Scene AND they throw a party called ‘we want beautiful shoes!’

Apart from having the best name in Asian fashion since Indonesia’s Nipples Revolt, these guys are also hosting the best event in town, and one which I’ll be marking down on my calendar.

So don’t fret if you miss it this time around. The ‘We Want Beautiful Shoes’ party will take place every 3 months for a whole weekend.

Basically imagine yourself as Alice in Wonderland, only here, you’re surrounded by the most fanciful shoes you’ll see around town and all the signs should say ‘wear me’ or ‘buy me’.

Fiona (left) is leading the revolution for fanciful shoes!

Shoes or candy? It's hard to tell!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Weekend want(s): HOT picks from Parco next NEXT's 18 new labels – launching tomorrow the 14th of April!

In some places I've lived, supporting local fashion is an act of charity, cheering for uninspired rich kids playing at being designer.
But make no mistake. The scene in Singapore is more like London than Dubai. These new kids on the block have got the talent by the bucket!
From funky streetwear to perfectly-tailored work attire, original prints, and glamorous sharp cut frocks, the third batch of new designers at Parco next NEXT have got it all covered in their maiden collections which launch officially tomorrow, Saturday.
Despite having seen – and shopped – some of the collections this week, I’m looking forward to the launch party which will be the second Parco launch I go to since moving to Singapore (see here my first launch review).
One of my first purchases from the new designers at Parco next NEXT
is this cute t-shirt dress from MASH UP. Totally my style, Love it!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the fourth finalist Kim Soo-Jeong from South Korea

The second Korean finalist of Audi Start Creation (I’m running them in alphabetical order by the way!) is Kim Soo-Jeong. The 24-year old’s collection ‘The Coexistence of Embossed Carving and Intaglio’ uses fabric in an unusual way to create carving effect on the garments. Scroll down to read more about the young designer’s work and ambitions.

2nd South Korean finalist of Star Creation, Kim Soo-Jeong

Name of designer: Kim Soo-Jeong (South Korea)
Age:  24
Name of Collection: The Coexistence of Embossed Carving and Intaglio

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
When I heard about Audi Star Creation from one of my Professor Jin Sung Mo last year, I thought that this was a golden opportunity to start as a designer and be known in the fashion world. He taught me Foundational Design and helped me a lot in finding my direction in fashion. I feel very excited about the idea that I could be featured in a fashion show all the way in Singapore! This was an opportunity I did not want to miss.