Tuesday 1 May 2012

AUDI STAR CREATION 2012: Q&A with the 9th finalist Natalia Kiantoro from Indonesia

The only Indonesian finalist of Audi Star Creation is Natalia Kiantoro, 22, who was inspired by twisted objects for her collection ‘Tangled’. Read to find out what she has to say about the competition and her design approach.

Name of designer: Natalia Kiantoro (Indonesia)               
Age: 22
Name of Collection: Tangled

  1. What made you participate in the Audi Star Creation? How did you hear about it?
I heard about Audi Star Creation from my lecturers, Liz Thng and Gulbarshin Karaulova at Raffles Design Institute (Shanghai). Last year, there was also a huge poster of 2011 winner, Chen Zhi Gang, in the school foyer, after he won the competition. Thanks to the guidance of my lecturers, I feel that I am good enough and have the qualities of a real fashion designer. I want to show my abilities to everyone through the competition.

  1. What was the inspiration behind your collection?
My collection is inspired by twisted objects, both natural and man-made, like spiral staircases and tree branches. It all began during my internship in my final year in school, where I saw many twisted objects near the studio I was working at and decided to use it as the inspiration for my graduation collection, which I have turned into my competition pieces.

  1. What new ideas/approach do you think you bring to the fashion scene in the region?
I make use of casual materials, like cotton and jersey, for the formal pieces in my collection. Most of the time, designers use more luxe fabrics, like silk and velvet, for formal attire. I try to move away from this by combining different elements. Cotton and jersey are much more comfortable to wear too.

  1. Any Asian designers/labels that you like and look up to?
I really like upcoming Chinese designer, Uma Wang. I feel that she is very talented and her designs are always fantastic and original.

  1. What would you like to do if you win and who would be your target audience (people in the region, age group, style, etc...)?
I hope that this will lead to something bigger, like getting picked up by fashion week committees, or getting talent-spotted by the top fashion houses in the world. It will be a dream-come-true if I get hired by a famous label as a designer!

I can imagine elegant, independent and tough women between the ages of 25 and 32 to be wearing my runway collection. Someone like Natalie Portman, perhaps, who has a charming, independent and tough side, yet at the same time is feminine and sexy.

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