Wednesday 30 January 2013

Bought in Beirut: MMM for H&M shoes at 90% off!!!

Being the fashion fanatic that I am, finding a great bargain makes my day!

So imagine when this bargain is the plexi heels I’ve been coveting from H&M’s most recent collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela. And I’m not talking half price here; yup I finally snagged me a pair for 10% of its original price!

This is no fake imitation I’m talking about. It’s the real deal which luckily for me, happens to be on clearance sale at H&M branch in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon.

Sometimes waiting does pay off ;-) These MMM for H&M wedges
cost me 10% of the original price! Talk about a great bargain!!

As I walked into the shop, I was first surprised to find many items from MMM’s re-edition still available AND on sale, as well as accessories, clutches and shoes from Anna Della Russo’s collection. It seems that the MMM edgy collaboration didn't work well with the Lebanese public who prefer a skimpy Herve Leger dress any day over an over-sized Margiela frock. Even Anna Della Russo’s bling didn't seem to work for the glamorous ladies. 

I wonder why… but I suspect it’s unfamiliarity with the designers and the price point which were considerably higher than anything else they’re used to buy from H&M (which by the way has only been in the country for a couple of years now).

There were about 2 racks of clothes and a whole stand of accessories and shoes, much more than I’d seen left from both collections in Singapore and London.

The marked-down AdR and MMM for H&M leftovers start at $6 for a pair of sunglasses
up to $35 for the shoes... and there are still stacks of them left in Beirut!

I spotted the shoes! Cautious optimism I thought.

There were 6 pairs on display, none of which were my size except for the black ankle boots which kept falling off my foot and didn't seem to sit well. Looking further I saw a few more shoe boxes but none in my size too. However I just knew that if I kept looking I might find a pair. Otherwise why would the fashion gods put them there for me to see? It’d be unfair especially after I’d kinda forgotten about them (Rana logic ;-))

And I was right! Kneeling down to check the last of the 5 boxes, I spotted a pair lying under a clothes rail on the opposite side so I went and pulled it out and there was my Cinderella moment: it was a nude pair of the plexi heel pumps (the ones I wanted so bad but felt was over-priced at the launch!), in my size AND it fit!!!

Imagine my joy! It was marked down  at US$100 but at the cashier turned out to be on further reduction at only S$35!

These are so versatile that I've already thought of tons of outfit combinations to go with ;-)

My purchase was one of the best steals I've managed to get this year for sure. I might be just lucky or could it be that I’m just a really good bargain hunter? I think both ;-) but most importantly it emphasizes my belief that no mass produced high street or even designer item is as exclusive as made to be seen. Certainly not when you’re made to queue for it, costs $350, but then a few months later can be found at the clearance rack for 10% of its price. I have scored dozens of designer bargains over the years which I cherish, not because I’m a hoarder but because I really liked them, could not afford to pay the full price or simply refused to because I didn't think it was worth that much.

Don’t get me wrong. I love fashion and it makes me happy. I do get obsessed sometimes but I never take it that seriously and perhaps that’s why the fashion gods love me back! ;-)