Friday 30 November 2012

Lionelow for MYthology: The start of something big?

One of the most talented young designers in Singapore is undoubtedly Lionel Low, one half of the amazing young label LION EARL.

So it gives me huge pleasure to see him making his debut at the higher end of the fashion scale with his first Lionelow capsule collection for Singapore boutique MYthology.

This is a collaboration steeped in all the things that my blog stands for. Because not only is Lionel a talented Singaporean designer, but the boutique in Club Street loved his work so much that they have backed him financially to help him create this collection.

lionelow for MYthology Boutique in Singapore
One of Lionel Low's creations for MYthology

Warm, fashion fuzzy glows all round. It was a risk, but one which has handsomely paid off and I certainly want to thank MYthology owner Apsara Oswal for taking the chance on investing in an up and coming designer.

The collection is gorgeous (much nicer than these hasty photos can show off) with rich fabrics, interesting draping, and very intricate workmanship. The idea is that you will be able to order a dress and have it custom tailored for your size, meaning your Lionelow dress will be unique to you.

According to the press release, it is about "the journey of a modern day woman warrior, represented by the structured silhouettes and the metallic elements which are drawn towards the female body, symbolising empowerment" and is a two-part series. 

The second part promises a more fragile finale range that incorporates French chorded lace, leather and silk georgette. I've had a sneak peek of the sketches for these and I have to say they look just stunning so can't wait to see Lionel's vision come to life especially that it's what the designer is mostly talented at.

lionelow for MYthology
Oversized waistcoat – this outerwear is reminiscent of a protective armor

Peplum waistcoat by Lionel Low
The waistcost also recreates the cinched-in waist typical of the 1950s

Honestly, I'm so happy for Lionel. I've been a fan of the LION EARL brand since they stepped out at the Parco next NEXT preview earlier this year displaying a sophistication and style way beyond their limited years.

My admiration grew to the extent where I was name checked as a fan by a fashion website and our friendship grew to the extent that Lionel offered to make me a custom dress when I was asked to do some live presenting for Digital Fashion Week.

The results were stunning. A beautiful and intricate black lace dress that turned heads amongst the models (yes including Andrej Pejic who eventually went back to New York clutching a LION EARL dress as well). Perhaps it was this dress that convinced the very modest Lionel that he could pull off something bigger and bolder?

Whatever the reason, this man deserves Singapore's support. I'd love everyone who wants to know more to visit MYthology in Club Street and support a huge young talent on his next step on the road to fame and fortune.

Lionelow for MYthology is available at the boutique in 88 Club Street, Singapore. 

Singapore designer Lionel Low
The dress that started it all? Lionel's beautiful custom made dress that turned
heads at Digital Fashion Week. This was hand-stitched by the designer and every
piece of lace carefully placed on the tulle. I'm a lucky girl!
Lionel had me at the sight of this gorgeous ensemble from his first
LION EARL collection earlier this year. He'll be making more of these
custom-made creations thanks to MYthology.

Lionel Low dress
Beautiful shades and draping from lionelow at MYthology

Singapore designer Lionel Low
The lace detail is amazing on this dress by Lionel Low

singapore's Lionel Low
Love the use of pearls, which is apparently to "portray mercury droplets running off
the feminine form"