Thursday, 29 November 2012

Of Love and Hidden Charms: My Acting Debut!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will remember me posting pictures of a smiley Bonjour Singapore with Singapore celebs Rebecca Lim and Nat Ho.

I was actually doing something very very exciting. Making my acting debut in an episode of a new XinMSN web series called Of Love and Hidden Charms (which also stars the lovely Romeo Tan - although sadly he wasn't involved in the bits I was in)

The experience was exhausting - but awesome. I never had any idea quite how many people are involved in the making of a TV series and quite how long it took to do things. I'm not kidding when I say that my scenes - which take up about six minutes of the show, took close to two days to film.

Rebecca Lim and Rana Wehbe-Flinter (Bonjour Singapore)
Me and Rebecca Lim have a laugh at Nat Ho's outfit in Love and Hidden Charms

All throughout the filming, both Nat and Rebecca were great fun and supportive of me and my...erm...rather limited acting skills. It's this experience, along with presenting the live post-show Q&As at Digital Fashion Week that has given me a taste of being on screen, and I'll be honest. I want more!!

Anyway, back to the series. It's a romantic drama based in an entertainment magazine and focuses on the growing attraction between Christel (Rebecca Lim) and Ming (Nat Ho).

My episode starts with an accidental meeting in Haji Lane, meanders through a trip to Threadbare and Squirrel and ends up with a visit to MYthology boutique in Club Street. We had planned to visit another couple of stores, but time caught up with us!

I'm just glad I was able to highlight a couple of the independent boutiques that are doing interesting things in Singapore. Especially MYthology as it is actively supporting Asian labels and has just funded a capsule collection from Lionel Low of LIONEARL which it will be stocking exclusively.

To find out more about the collaboration with Lionel you can read a story "written" by Christel which mentions the lionellow collaboration with MYthology, or read more and see a few more pictures of it on the MYthology website.

Of course, before you do that you should watch me (and some other unknown people haha) in action in Episode Six of XinMSN's Of Love and Hidden Charms. Leave your honest comments about my acting skills below.