Wednesday 21 November 2012

Bonjour Bangkok: Keith & Kym's best of Thai accessories labels

One thing about Bangkok - which I’ve heard over and over again – is that it is a great destination for bargain shopping or shopping on a budget. The street markets, weekend market and countless blog-shop type places are everywhere to be seen and even with a budget of S$50, you’re guaranteed to get something (or three) that you like.

While this is absolutely true and definitely great – hey I’ve managed to score some bargains as well – it actually leaves out some of the best shopping in the Thai capital. That is, something totally unique, creative and more of an investment piece rather than fast fashion. This is especially true when on the look for Thai designers whose pieces might not go for S$10 a pop but are still reasonable and definitely worth every penny you pay for it.

But in a place like Bangkok, finding the original from the copy, the unique from the mass-produced is not easy especially when it comes to accessories. So if you’re a quality over quantity type of consumer and you like something extra special, ditch all the other places and head to one shop which has it all: Keith&Kym Gallery.

Original pieces like this stunning pendant from Thai label Sinturak and more are found
at Keith&Kym's gallery in Bangkok, Terminal21.

Love these statement pieces which you won't be finding anywhere in the street markets...

Tucked in the cool and hip Terminal 21 mall, this boutique which stocks unique accessories – usually one offs – from Thai designers is the best and most curated of the lot. From dainty to statement pieces, there is something for everyone there and some of the pieces are no short of showstoppers!

Many pieces caught my eye especially from label Sinturak which draws inspiration from atoms to foil and nature. The standout piece has to be the hollow egg-shaped pendant which photos don’t give it justice. It seriously looks like it could belong in a museum!

A nature-inspired, gold plated  set from Crafitti, one of the many
independent Thai labels stocked at this cool shop.

Cool geometric designs from Waby, another local designer.

Other gorgeous pieces come from labels like Waby Waby, De Wut, Crafitti and more.
In the hour or so that I spent in this accessories heaven, I have lost count and names of the awesome labels they stock – but one thing I’m assured at is that everything is the original product of emerging and independent Thai designers.

Enough said and now I’ll leave you with some photos of these beauties which are guaranteed to get you attention  and be some of the best souvenirs you bring back from  the land of smiles.

Keith&Kym Gallery is located on 3rd floor (Istanbul Zone), room no.3137, Terminal21, Bangkok. Check out their  facebook page for updates.

Sinturak's statement rings won me over! Just wish I had bigger fingers...

More from the organic designs of Sinturak... his one with mother
of pearl. Just stunning!!!!

More understated yet as beautiful designs from De Wut label. Love love love!!!

Inspired by 'Atoms' this collection is not for the faint-hearted!

A ruby-encrusted Cobra anyone?

Made to look like foil paper, these gold-plated silver earrings are so quirky!